Easy and Fun Ideas for Decorating a Baby Shower

Don’t break the bank—or your back!—when you’re hosting a baby shower. Diane Warner, the author of “Diane Warner’s Complete Book of Baby Showers,” has ideas for simple and affordable ways to decorating a baby shower get your party looking festive. (So you can save your cash to buy that new bundle of joy a super-cute gift!)

Celebrate the pretty-as-a-posy mom-to-be by decorating your digs with fresh flowers. You can order arrangements from a florist or get crafty and save some cash by making them yourself. Plus your flower arrangements can double as door prizes for guests!

Nothing screams “PARTY” like a bunch of balloons! Warner recommends using them as table centerpieces, tying them to chair-backs or napkin rings, setting them on the floor as “fillers of color,” or using them to dress up the gift table.

Welcome baby with a big ole banner! Order a banner online or take Warner’s tips for making your own by dressing it up with wallpaper border in the same theme as the nursery. “You can run the boundary along the top, or you can cut out the characters and glue them to your banner.” Clever!

With babyproofing in her future, mom-to-be will appreciate being able to enjoy candles without worrying about little hands! Warner recommends arranging “floating candles, a group of votive candles, or single candles inside hurricane lamps, surrounded by fresh or silk flowers” for a soft, elegant ambiance.

Tiny White Christmas Tree Lights
Beautiful and comfortable, “little white lights do wonders for a setting, creating a magical ambiance, especially for an evening affair,” according to Warner. She suggests winding a string down the center of the serving table or draping them over doorways and banisters. Unlike self-tanner, this is one place where going overboard will be even more beautiful!

Crepe Paper Streamers
According to the shower guru, “tastefully used, crepe paper streamers are an affordable way to splash a little color around your party site.” We couldn’t agree more! (And would like to re-emphasize the phrase tastefully used. You don’t want to turn your classy celebration into the room the 1970s forgot!)

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