Easy Heart Diseases Prevention Tips

Heart Diseases Prevention Tips - Prevention is better than cure. If we keep a bit careful we can deter a lot of diseases inflicting suffering on us. Taking some simple preventive measures can save us suffering, money and time. Let's have a quick look...

Heart Diseases Prevention Tips:

  1. Never forget to take your tablets for angina, heart attack, and heart failure. Always ask for a repeat prescription in advance.
  2. Never neglect any sort of chest pain. Always inform a doctor.
  3. Smoking and alcohol are a direct poison for the patients with heart disease.
  4. Don't go climbing a hill or do heavy exercise if you have heart disease. Avoid going outside in a cold weather.
  5. Go to the doctor if you have any shortness of breath, coughing with or without phlegm, even if you don't have any pain in the chest.
  6. Keep your blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol level under control. If they are uncontrolled, there is every chance of your heart disease getting worse.
  7. Avoid too much salty food (crisp, salty biscuits) and high fatty food (pork, lamb, beef).
  8. Eat some fruits and vegetables every day.
  9. Don't forget to check your pacemaker in due time.
  10. If you have a problem with any drug just don't stop taking the drug, inform your doctor. Usually, there are alternative drugs.

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