Elderly Lawyer Linda Found Eating Raw Bone Marrow was one of the Best Foods for Diabetics

Raw Bone Marrow

This dinner time I was having some raw T-bone beef steak and some raw bone marrow. Surprisingly, my father in law asked for a taste of some of my raw bone marrow. I was gracious enough to cut him half of a big soft raw yellow bone marrow… the squishy soft kind for him to taste. The rest were the harder creamy ones now solid that needed some melting from the refrigerator. Father in law said the raw beef bone marrow tasted quite good… now he understands… understands what?

The reason for his interest in tasting the raw bone marrow was that he was privy to his colleague Linda. Her favorite sport was playing bowling. That is until she suffered from diabetes and could not bowl anymore. Then her healer advised her… eat the raw bone marrow. You read that right, eat the RAW bone marrow. And she did eat the raw bone marrow. Raw bone marrow has stem cells in them. And eventually, Linda got well and now goes bowling again.

That was inspiring for my father in law. He didn’t know the details of how much raw bone marrow his colleague ate per day, but that’s not important, being the healer that I am… he just needs to eat until he satisfies his appetite for raw bone marrow. Remember that this is a raw food and thus instincts kick in with such raw foods.

Now I know, the next time my father in law is home for the weekend, I will make sure I prepare raw bone marrow for him as well as myself. In the meantime during other days, he can let his daughter feed him some of her special ghee or butter oil, some 3 tablespoons a day for a start.

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