Electrosurgery for Wart Removal

Electrosurgery for Wart Removal

Warts are a common problem that affects people without deference to age, ethnicity, or sex. One thing all wart sufferers seem to have in common though is a desire to be rid of these harmless but annoying growths. When warts are painful, such as plantar warts on the foot, or common warts near the nail plate, getting rid of them quickly becomes a big priority. Many people who have tried home remedies or salicylic acid without good results often turn to Electrosurgery for Wart Removal.

The Process

Electrosurgery for Wart Removal is well received because patients can see the results within minutes rather than weeks. It is a surgical procedure which takes place in a medical facility under the care of the doctor, using small amounts of electricity to heat a surgical needle. The hot needle is then used to burn the wart and destroy it. In some cases the wart it allowed to necrotize and fall off, but in most cases, the doctor will remove the burned wart with a scalpel or spoon-shaped cutting device. This process is called cutter.

Mild to moderate pain is associated with the procedure, so local anesthetic is generally applied. Residual pain at the surgical site is a side effect which can last a few hours to a day or so. Analgesics like aspirin are an effective pain reducer. Recovery periods depend heavily on how deep the wart was and how many cutters were employed.

While electrosurgery produces immediate visual results, meaning the surface growth is gone, it does nothing to resolve the underlying issue of the HPV infection which caused the wart. Among all the types of surgical wart removal, electrosurgery has the highest rate of recurrence. An Indian study some four years ago concluded that the recurrence rate with electrosurgery was even higher than with topical applications of acid or herbal remedies. It’s no wonder that multiple electrosurgery treatments are required to completely rid the patient of the wart.

Cosmetic Appeal Only

It would appear that electrosurgery for wart removal has but one advantage: instant cosmetic results. The disadvantages tend to make it one of the least favored options for permanently resolving warts. Not least among those disadvantages is the fact that electrosurgery is limited to a single wart or small group. For issues such as mosaic or periungual warts, which are clustered in a given area, electrosurgery is not practical. It’s also not safe. The infection risk associated with this surgery is higher than other methods of wart removal, so it is not used on sites of multiple or aggressive warts.

Scars are the other disadvantage that comes with electrosurgery. The act of burning and cutting over multiple treatments will undoubtedly cause the formation of scar tissue for most patients. A better option which leaves no scars is a natural wart removal remedy called Dermatend. Dermatend’s organic ingredients are safe and effective, without any harmful chemicals. In most cases, warts can be completely cleared with Dermatend in a matter of just a few days.

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