How to Eliminate Acne with Mint Leaves

How to Eliminate Acne with Mint Leaf - Mint or peppermint leaves have been used for various medicines since the first. Mint leaves are the most planted species in Europe. Mint leaves are well known as the main ingredient in hot and potent beverages to relieve abdominal pain as well as ideal for relieving headaches.

Besides, some experts say that mint leaves have nutritious antioxidant substances to overcome various facial skin problems. One of them can overcome the problem of acne. To treat the beauty of the face, usually, you are more willing to spend more in the salon-renowned salon to beautify your facial skin. And again the biggest problem in skin beauty is the problem of acne.

But behind it all, there is a more no less amazing than the results of famous salons. Eliminate the problem of acne by utilizing natural ingredients that do not require more budget and can be done in your home. Namely by using the mint leaves are proven without side effects. As has been known before, of course by using natural materials more secure than other. As for, how to process mint leaves into acne remover can be done in the way as below.

How to treat mint leaves into a mask for acne:

  • Prepare mint leaves and rose water
  • Then, wash the mint leaves
  • If it is clean, puree mint leaves then mix with rose water
  • If it is, stir until it is entirely smooth
  • The mint leaf mask is ready for use
  • Apply mask to face as in general
  • Allow drying for about 15 minutes
  • To get the maximum mask results, do this mascara regularly until your acne is completely lost.

Some properties of mint leaves for skin health

The content of various materials in mint leaf indeed has been proven right for skin health. Like vitamins A, B, C, and vitamin D. And rich in other contents such as magnesium, manganese, copper, sodium, calcium and much more. Salicylic contained in mint leaves can nourish the skin, so the skin looks fresher.

Also, there are also salicyl acids that have anti inflame properties to prevent inflammation in acne and treat it. As well as mint leaves also have compounds that can exfoliate dead skin then replace it with a new one.

It is true, How to Eliminate Acne with Mint Leaf? the efficacy of mint leaves for skin health is no doubt. However, if we look at the materials needed above, probably not a natural stuff to be able instead. And also, scientifically there is no proven research that mint leaves can eliminate the problem of acne until it disappears thoroughly.

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