Emotional Therapy For Pregnant Women

Emotional Therapy For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, pregnant women undergo a psychological change that is influenced by pregnancy hormone. Conditions like these that make pregnant women out of control emotions. These uncontrollable feelings that cause pregnant women are often restless, irritable, more often weep or feel unprepared for the situation. In this situation, pregnant women need a right way with Emotional Therapy For Pregnant Women.

Improved emotional changes will affect the health condition of pregnant women even if left unchecked will disrupt the health of the fetus. Thus for pregnant women, one way that can be done to maintain the health of psychology is doing emotional therapy. Many ideas that can do with Emotional Therapy For Pregnant Women, one of the most useful psychological treatment is music therapy. Have you done it? What are the benefits of maternal and fetal health?

Emotional therapy for pregnant women using music

Pregnant women experience different psychic changes, unpredictable and not the same in every pregnancy. Pregnant women often experience depression during pregnancy which is characterized by increased stress hormones and increased heart rate. Changes in heart rate experienced by pregnant women affect the fetus.

It is essential for pregnant women to maintain physical and psychological health. One way to keep your psychic healthy during pregnancy is music therapy. Research related to music is often heard because by using music it can make calm and peaceful. Also, music therapy can help in the physical and psychological health of pregnant women.

Music therapy is one way that can be done to provide comfort to the baby in the womb. With music therapy the mother can relax, relaxed pregnant women can reduce emotions such as anger or appetite settings. Benefits in the can help with music therapy during pregnancy can change the mindset of pregnant women so more positive. Pregnant women who use music hormone therapy to be balanced and make pregnant women comfortable to provide stimulation in infants. Also, optimal physical and psychological health will have an important effect on fetal growth.

Music therapy can be done throughout pregnancy; this is because every gestational age has a different complaint. In the first trimester often pregnant women experience hormonal changes that can affect the psychic pregnant women so that pregnant women experience excessive sadness. While in the second trimester often do not feel comfortable with the physical state, for example, that is associated with a sleeping position. Finally, the third trimester, pregnant women often experience stress caused due to worries before delivery.

It is the stage that can be done for emotional therapy by using music:

  • Pregnant women can directly listen to classical music as the mother listens to music in general. You can use the headset to make it more relaxed. Spend 30 minutes each day listening to classical music.
  • Pregnant women can attach headphones to the abdomen, so classical music can be easily heard in babies. You should adjust the volume while listening to the baby.

You need to know that one of the Emotional Therapy For Pregnant Women,  when listening to this classical music try not to fall asleep because when falling asleep then your emotional connection and the fetus will be disrupted. In addition to making the mother relax when listening to music, the fetus can be stimulated with music. So that helps grow fetal development with optimal.

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