Evaluate Your Hair Loss

Evaluate Your Hair Loss

Every man’s experience with hair loss varies. There are different paths hair loss can take on the male head. Hair can begin retreating from the forefront and recede backward; this is the most common pattern of hair loss among men. Hair can also thin at the crown or back of the head. When this occurs it is commonly known as “diffused thinning”. These two hair loss patterns can happen independently of each other or simultaneously. In order to help you categorize the phase and type of hair loss you are undergoing, there is an actual scale that helps with clarifying type and development of hair loss. This scale is known as the “Norwood Scale”. If you are experiencing hair loss this is a good scale to get acquainted with. It will help you determine the specific type of hair loss that is occurring to you, as well as the progression level your hair loss is in. This scale is also a reality check for those who think they can ignore hair loss without consequence.

As there are many ways to lose hair, in terms of where on the head it begins and progresses there is a treatment plan for each type of hair loss. You will find out more on this in Step 3 of our process, “Evaluating the Available Treatments”.

Hair loss is not unlike any other illness. The quicker you seek treatment the more likely you will prevent further damage and have successful results. Balding does not happen overnight; in fact, it takes years and in those years balding progresses gradually. The longer you wait to take action on your balding will mean a much harder time of reversing the effects. Preventative measures are key in hair loss management. If you are a young man facing thinning hair, if you take action now, you have the chance to save your hair and not go bald! As well as making history, because in acting today you will be among one in the first generation to prevent balding. This is not to say that those who have been facing thinning hair from anywhere between 5 and 15 years do not have a chance of reversing the effects. You can. Reversal is possible with a treatment procedure tailored to your specific areas of hair growth.

A key factor in determining what type of treatment you will receive depends on the amount of hair you have already lost and if you are satisfied with what your hair currently looks like. If you are satisfied with the amount of hair on your head and just want to maintain it without further hair loss treatment, we recommend Propecia and Nizoral. These products will maintain the hair you currently have. If you have lost a significant amount of hair and are feeling self-conscience about it and want to have a fuller head of hair, you will most likely need to take a combination of Propecia, Nizoral in addition to Rogain as well as other hormone growth stimuli.

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