Exercising for Seniors with Diabetes

Exercising for Seniors with Diabetes

Seniors with diabetes may face challenges to exercising to help promote better blood glucose control. There are many benefits of Exercising for Seniors with Diabetes. If a diabetic patient is overweight, exercising can help the diabetic patient lose weight. Losing weight can help reduce the risk of diabetes complications such as heart disease. Exercise can increase the amount of glucose that is used by the muscles. it reduces the amount of glucose in the blood. By helping to keep blood sugar levels low, exercise helps reduce the risk of diabetes complications in this way as well.

If a senior patient with diabetes has problems with mobility, they may not feel capable of exercising. Exercising for Seniors with Diabetes does not have to be a strenuous activity. Even if the diabetic patient cannot walk or stand, they can still do exercises for diabetes. Any physical activity can help burn calories and draw glucose from the blood for use by the muscles.

The physician may make recommendations for specific Exercising for Seniors with Diabetes. By knowing the specific needs and limitations of the patient, the physician can inform the diabetic patient of easy and helpful exercises. Local gyms often offer special classes for seniors or patients with physical limitations. Some other area resources may also hold exercise classes for seniors.

Swimming is an excellent Exercising for Seniors with Diabetes. Some people who suffer from arthritis or have other physical problems find that they can still get a good exercise by swimming or participating in a water aerobics class that meets their needs. Not every senior has reliable transportation to a local gym, but if they can become involved in local exercise classes for seniors, it can be extremely beneficial.

For seniors with diabetes who can walk, they may feel as if they cannot walk enough to make a difference. People who are not used to exercising need to start out slowly whether or not they are seniors. Short walks are an excellent way to start. When walking, the diabetic patient needs to wear well-fitting, comfortable shoes. The senior diabetic patient should check with the physician before starting any exercise program.

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