Facial Wart Removal

Facial Wart Removal

The small hard growths on the skin are known as warts. Warts are normally harmless but most people want to get rid of them, especially if they occur on the face. Warts are usually caused by a viral infection of the skin but they can also be caused by some kind of dietary deficiencies or another underlying skin condition. There are several simple home remedies that can help to get rid of warts naturally, without resorting to expensive medicines or other treatments. One of the most popular home remedies for Facial Wart Removal is the daily application of castor oil on warts. The castor oil can be rubbed into warts and allowed to stay overnight before it is washed off the next morning. This helps to dissolve the wart naturally. Apart from castor oil, application of sesame oil is also recommended to dissolve and get rid off the wart naturally.

Another excellent home remedy for the removal of warts is the application of potato juice on the wart. Alternately, slices of a raw potato can be rubbed on the wart several times a day, for a couple of weeks till the warts fall off. Onions stimulate blood circulation and also help to eliminate warts, so onion juice can also be applied on warts at bedtime and allowed to stay overnight before being washed off the next morning. A lesser-known, but the equally efficient home remedy for the removal of warts is the application of the juice of figs.

This juice, which is milky white in color, should be extracted from the fruit before it has ripened completely, and applied on the wart several times a day for best results. Another good remedy for Facial Wart Removal naturally is the application of the milky sap, obtained by cutting the stem of a dandelion plant. Apart from dandelion, the sap obtained from the stem of the marigold plant is also beneficial for removing facial warts naturally. Application of the juice of the marigold leaves is also excellent for getting rid of the warts. Garlic helps to eliminate the wart, so a thin slice of garlic can be placed on the wart and then covered with band-aid. This should be allowed to stay for a few hours or overnight and then band-aid can be removed the next morning. Repeat this for a couple of days as it will help to get rid of the warts naturally.

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