Feeding Bottles! Attraction or necessity

When shopping for baby bottles there are a wide variety of bottles from Avent bottles to glass baby bottles. Anyone who has had a baby knows they have a choice whether to breastfeed or bottle feed their baby and if they do bottle feed, they have many questions such as, 'What are the best buys on baby bottles?'

Basics of Feeding Bottles

If you're a new mother, you will have all sorts of questions related to bottle-feeding your baby. Before purchasing a child's feeding bottles, a parent should determine the best bottles for their baby.

Glass Baby Bottles

Glass baby bottles need to be thoroughly scrubbed with a bottle cleaner and washed in hot water or put in the dishwasher. Glass baby bottles are usually inexpensive and many mothers prefer them to the extra cost of liners. Then there are some parents who don't like glass baby bottles because if dropped, they can break, they are too heavy and hard to clean. If you choose a glass baby bottle, The Parent's Choice Health Check Anti-colic Bottle Starter Kit is a perfect gift set for mothers of newborns. These glass baby bottles are specially designed bottles come with a patented valve-venting system that eliminates bubbles in the bottle and as also works towards preventing gas and excessive burping. A three-bottle starter kit from Evenflo, can be found at babysupermall.com for $4.98 or $5.98 for the 8 oz. size and at amazon.com for $5.99 for the 8 oz size.

Avent Baby Bottles

Avent bottles are great for mimicking a mother's nipple, as they are wide and made of silicone. They are great for when a baby starts consuming milk from a bottle. Avent bottles also have an anti-vacuum suction design that helps to keep air from being swallowed and it prevents the painful gas. The wideness of the event bottle is easy to clean for both hand-washing and dishwashing. For example The Avent Newborn Starter Set, which has 2 4oz. bottles and 2 9oz. bottles are sold at $32.99. Similarly, other sellers sell it at $28.35. A 3-pack 9 oz feeding bottle set is approximately $12-15.00. Similarly, other sellers sell it at $19.99 and $16.96.

Playtex Baby Bottles

Playtex baby bottles are great for travel and getting baby ready for nursing. The Playtex baby bottle elongates to fit the baby's mouth. Playtex baby bottles come equipped with collapsible liners, as they prevent air from entering the baby and causing uncomfortable gas. At Target.com, the newborn set, which has 2 4 oz. bottles and 2 8 oz bottles are sold at $13.49; at Wal-Mart.com. Similarly, other sellers sell it at $13.12.

Playtex Ventaire

The Playtex Ventaire is a unique feeding system and is great for switching from breast to bottle-feeding, with its patented NaturalShape nipple that is naturally shaped with the raised textured area to allow for proper latch-on. The bubble-free bottom air disc assures a virtually bubble-free feeding. Playtex Ventaire bottles are a leak-proof system that is safe for breastmilk. A removable top ensures easy cleaning. The 4-pack Playtex Ventaire Gift Set is $27.99 at Target.com. Similarly, the 4-pack gift set is sold at $22.96; while the newborn set is priced at $23.67 at Wal-Mart.com and $24.99 at Target.

Evenflo Bottles

The Evenflo Elan Air Free Nurser - Evenflo bottles is the first one-piece vent system to prevent bubbles from entering the liquid. This groundbreaking one-piece design is easy to maintain and clean. The Evenflo bottle - Elan Air Free Nurser is completely leak-proof, venting only when baby drinks. It is completely compatible with the entire Elan system so mom can easily customize her own personal feeding system. At Wal-mart.com the 9 oz bottles are priced at $11.96 for the 3-pack. At target.com, the set is sold at $11.99.

Dr. Brown Bottles

Dr. Brown, a pediatrician, developed a revolutionary system with his wide nipple and patented air-flow system. He knows it works, as he has used it with his children. In addition to the unique design, Dr. Brown Bottles connects directly to breast pumps for easy pumping. Dr. Brown Bottles has an internal vent that prevents air bubbles from forming and causing excess gas and the wide neck design is easier on little hands. When shopping for the best baby bottles for your baby, it doesn't have to be a chore.

Feeding time should be a wonderful time of bonding with this little bundle of joy. The tube is part of the vent that allows air to enter the bottles and be directed to the area above the liquid. This results in keeping the air and the liquid separate. It prevents intestinal upset, such as burping, colic, gas, ear infections from a leaking bottle and painful gas. At BabyBungalow.com, a 3-pack 4 oz. set is sold at $11.99; while at Wal-Mart.com it is priced at $12.46.

When shopping for the best baby bottles for your baby, it doesn't have to be a chore, after all; feeding time should be a wonderful time of bonding with this little bundle of joy.

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