Female Anorgasmia and Sexuality

The primary characteristic of the female Anorgasmia and sexuality is its absence of orgasm after the existence of normal arousal, and it is likely to occur in both the sex act and masturbation.

The woman is able to get a response from her system towards sexual arousals, such as vaginal lubrication or vaginal volume gorge, although, cannot reach out sexual climax.

There are three types of Anorgasmia, the primary being that in which the woman, since her sexual life heyday, never had a single orgasm, the secondary, in which the woman had already experienced it a few times and by some unknown reason cease to experience it. Yet there is the so-called situational Anorgasmia, which is characterized by the woman obtaining orgasm, nonetheless, solely under certain conditions.

There is no such a thing as right type or timing for orgasm. Every woman contemplates differently the type and intensity of stimulation that leads to orgasm. The diagnosis, by the way, for the anorgasmic disorder is grounded on the clinical judging that the woman’s orgasmic capacity is lesser than it could be expected for her age, sexual experience and the kind of sexual stimulation she receives.

The female Anorgasmia and sexuality disorder, in principle, bears no physical causes, i.e., there is not in the normal female body anything that might come to explain the absence of orgasms. Moreover, it is not linked to any other mental disorder, unless other sexual dysfunctions as such.

This sexual disorder lingers to psychological questions as of the woman living it up. There could her sexual education feedback be cited and if she was ever sexually molested, the repression she had to put up with, the lack of acknowledgment of her own body, the inexistence of communication or adequate intimacy between the couple.

Apart from these individual matters, others, culturally-wise, may come to explain the absence of orgasm in certain women. The social imperative until recently was that women could not induce orgasms, given that they meant sensations that only those profane women would bear.

The woman, until the sixties, when sexual liberation came about, was the object of her partner, and still today, in certain cultures, denied sexual desire or orgasm reaching. Even with all so-liberation by the mass media broadcasted; everything still being a novelty for women by and large.

Every time, it is the female body unveiled further so is the way as to how her sexuality could be expressed, but that is not enough for many women to feel at ease with sex since for them was taught something else.

Also, the actual imposition of sexuality does not contribute to the experience of some women, all the way around, they feel obliged to the pleasure, even if within themselves or in the relationship would feel not at ease for that.

No matter how loud is orgasm spread out as easy to get hold, the truth isn’t quite so. Psychological factors, cultural and emotional concerning oneself and the other may influence in sexual climax. Any hiccup that might creep up, should be monitored and proper aid sought after in due course.

Female Anorgasmia and sexuality is quite enticing and at the same time mysterious. There might be problems ahead, but while there is no trouble let’s face the music and dance. It is up to us to come to terms with our own body to take the most out of it. Information, in sexuality terms, is never enough.

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