Female Sex Issues

Female Sex Issues

The ever search for a woman for answers and/or solutions when it comes to sex and sexuality seems endless. Common-ground curiosities in spite of our discrepancies are shared in orgasm-reaching, contraceptives, infections sexually acquired, masturbation issues, nonmale orientated sexual positions and the elusive G-spot.

Boldly I gathered some of the most frequently tooted issues on sexuality. Bear with me while trying to shed light on sex-related issues for a blissful and soothing sexual life of the women largely.

What is the difference between vaginal and clitoral orgasm? Each individual responds differently to the same stimulation, so some women would feel rather pleased with penetration, others with clitoral stimulation. Though there is no difference as such. It all boils down to the circumstances hence the woman is prone to react by all sort of manners.Never mind whether clitoral or vaginal, the most important thing is to unveil breaching it out anyhow. The lesson you could draw from that is to locate the pleasure-spot that gives off most and take from there and get on to implementing further your orgasm-reaching techniques regardless of its dwelling spot.

What happens if unable to reach orgasm I could only manage through masturbation?

That for one may come labeled as widespread sexual dysfunction sharing common ground amongst the women. This handicap can be caused by both organic and emotional factors. Thus, professional help from a sexual therapist along with adequate treatment customized for one’s sexual life could unveil causes and problems treated, otherwise, it’s likely to go downhill.

As for masturbation, often it becomes a way of treatment, as of sexual therapy. Masturbation is wholesome healthy as part of sexual intercourse, providing it does not become mainstay by replacing sexual rapport altogether. If it comes as the only source of sexual pleasure, a frank dialogue with a partner would suffice to smooth the rough edges other than undergoing such a lengthy sex-therapy.

What about the G-spot? Any hint of location?

Roughly speaking, there is no such a thing as a palpable definition for the G-spot. Anatomically, you probably already heard of our body’s erogenous zones, and the G-spot as far as erogenous zones go may be regarded as inner-vaginal. Its pleasure rode and accordingly to accounts “it’s like a strong pee urge” as of the bladder. One can locate its elusive pleasure doom by searching alone or partner aided. It’s up to you.

Multiple orgasms mean everything in sex for all I care, what should I do?

Probably the best answer is nothing. Not all women can get multiple orgasms in only one cycle of sexual response.
Bear with me the human sexual capacity boils down to individual capabilities. It’s better a full-blown orgasm than many half-hearted ones. Our body chemistry driven by cerebral emissions is able to offer great moments and depending on your partner’s multiple orgasms might be in store.

Could the woman ejaculate when reaching orgasm?

Ejaculation stands for such a male orientated word since the seminal fluid stems from the prostate as of men.
Albeit, a lot is being heard on the so-called female ejaculation, once a great many of them soak up their bedsheets with their lubricant vaginal fluid. What in confront to orgasm becomes rather more abundant unlikely lubrication though. Yet it hinges on individual capabilities. It’s not simply a given name but though a huge amount of fluid flush through the vagina from foreplay to climax.

What’s the fuss about Anorgasmia?

There stands for such a sexual dysfunction, for all I care, quite frequent among women, which denotes itself by their difficulty in reaching orgasm. Despite any given streak of sexual interest as well as satisfactorily response towards sex binges. Anorgasmia may stem from a multitude of factors and, don’t get carried away, it affects as much as 50% up to 70% of the entire female population. At the innermost level, the cause for Anorgasmia lingers to emotional background, and we could mention for instance- a lack of intimacy with own physical attributes, lax intimate links with partner, sternness on education that reflects itself through excessive self-contention, uneasiness in sex, pregnancy phobia, sexual violence or rape, low self-esteem, reading into things too much and taken unnecessary strain on board inevitably onto the relationship.

The recommended treatment is psychotherapy, which may be undergone either individually or all together or the combination of both, depending on the case.

What would be so wrong in pulling out off ejaculation before done? Could I prevent pregnancy with it?

No, the sex act in the coitus interruptus is initiated but the penis is deliberately withdrawn before ejaculation as a contraceptive method. Therein the likelihood of bodily fluids exchanging lies if not safely guarded. Most of all, any given infection sexually transmitted lurks in there. Condoms rule.

What’s for me in Kelgi exercises?

This is the exercise routine whose main goal is the vaginal muscles’ strengthening hence optimal sexual life. For a healthy sexual life providing ourselves better muscular synergism as well for the benefit of self-esteem and after all respective partner.

Would it be possible to get pregnant by anal sex alone?

No way, if only anal-sex engaged since this duct does not lead to the uterus and therefore no sperm gets to fecundate the ovule but…it takes major care given if unprotected. We all know what thrives on in there and if so unprotected the in and out and shovel back in the vagina only increases the likelihood of cross-infection.
Safer sex, by the way, prevents any spermatozoa likely to stay alive up to 36 hrs post ejaculation is due from reaching out the ovule via anal pathways.

Further on sexuality issues, teen girls for all I care, few points remained in need of attention; some such as follow…

What is the clitoris fussy reputation like?

The ol’ bottom bears magic within; those who do their homework know it well. Given and taken sex-related pleasure should come naturally to us all humans. Evolution as far as it goes contemplated us with special glans embedded in tissue linen beneath the top end of our sex devices, both girls and boys somehow. Thus the so-called ***** does the trick most definitely.

Whilst our male counterparts thrive on their otherwise full-blown version, gently we play along by tickling on our minute scale. Should we ever push the right bottom bliss ensues regardless of measurements. Tiny in size but wise on sex pathways it guarantees the job done even if our insistently partners poked their reasoning elsewhere. Cunningly Mother Nature comes across gifted as elusive and yet placed on top of a mound conspicuously within manly reach, some would argue.

What’s in anal sex for the couple themselves? Is it purely male-oriented sexual demeanor or could be it pleasure-yielding for both?

Anal sex entices desires alike of both men and women, sexually as it were. The idea that anal sex is only there for grabs of the male delight has been inculcated by some school of thought, given that men by and large always try pulling it off for the sake of their own sexuality.

As it so happens, the anal region is nerve pathway network supplied, some such leading to, guess what, our c. n. s. so guaranteed fun along the way. Codswallop aside there is pleasure within the pain barrier threshold, as grades and degrees determine, and most of us know how to play along with our physical attributes smoothly. If well lubricated anal region when relaxed releases its tight clinch ensuring penetration, hence relaxation needed. A thorough wash-enamel in and around the cavity and a good rimming session beckons followed by gentle probing then some, whether fingered or sex toy aided, and naturally any good ol’ sexually oriented head boldly does get the most out of whose gets plenty. Anal sex takes on board objection from both genders, reluctance under all sorts of guises plays a major role whenever trying out, disregarding of any blackmailed overburden character you might have read into still give it a go l, play it safely within pre-established boundaries. Do it together at the same time to one another. You may surprise him after all with much needed innovative reassurance. And get yourself fulfilled in the end.

Are multiple orgasms truly or hearsay of an old wives’ tale?

Such wonderful experience enshrouded in mystery. Women are naturally blessed with this sexual capability which in men remains to be seen otherwise. Pace and rhythm in sexual intercourse might bring along a job for the benefit of the two of you and not just the man as previously thought.

What about Virtual sex could it be healthy?

Of course, virtual sex can be healthy as long as not obsessively done becoming the only source of sexual pleasure.

It’s rather nice to get to know personal profiles beforehand, and no sexual strings attached so far. Yes, by punching on the right key turns average Joe’s into Mr. Right’s and sex romps galore for all of you. I say all because chat rooms cater for group sex as well as lonely hearts and who on one’s right mind would turn down a threesome live on the web that’s totally sex-linked disease free-zone?

Once again too much too soon should be avoided when playing along online, as a reminder that not everyone mind just their own business might be in order for the day.

By definition, the HPV is a disease sexually transmitted, but though affects women mostly or does it not?

Absolutely, HPV thrives on men, even so, the same ratio as in women. Women, however, keep it checked on regular smear tests for cancer prevention more often than men regularly would. Hence its diagnosis becomes more “visible”. After all, if she was infected sexually speaking so was him. The HPV virus may be detected through colposcopy, smear test, Biopsy and the modern Hybrid Capture.

If I catch my daughter masturbating how should I proceed?

First things first, deal with it casually, even if looks hard to take, do not let your preoccupation “transpiring”. Your daughter is just discovering herself, inducing pleasure by touching herself, but with all the innocence that surrounds her much like other children.

The second step is guiding your daughter so that whenever she feels like touching herself would she do so secluded. She, by the way, may grow up by safeguarding herself, respecting her individuality, as well as respecting the space of others living under the same abode.

Can a pregnant woman lead a sexually active life normally during pregnancy? And why not?

It’s obvious that each woman would react differently to the same type of external stimulus. Some might experience an increase in sexual appetite as others might feel somewhat libido lacking. Sexual contact should exist though. Some men might avoid sexual contact with their respective mothers-to-be motivated by fear of hurting the baby inside her uterus, it’s just another misconception.

The couple’s sexual life might undergo alterations for sure, but sex between both must go on. It’s only a matter of switching into more suitable sex positions for the size of her belly to single out one.

If sexual contact with the opposite sex does not fulfill my sexual needs any longer, would I be disease-beaten?

The right word for this kind of streak is frigidity. Thus it’s a sexual disorder well known among certain kind of women.

No reason to despair so far so good, to these days and age of sexual therapy rescue is at hand. It’s likely to work wonders in these cases, so long as discarding; any given organic cause, such as depression, endocrine disorders, medication counter effect.

In sexual therapy, by means of psychotherapeutic dynamics and physical exercising, the woman can gradually unveil what is causing frigidity and manage to restore her libido, she hankers, keeping anxieties at bay, and play it along so establishing an optimal contact with the opposite sex.

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