Female Sexuality: The Down Hill Age Women

The Down Hill Age Women

No o­ne seems fit to tell where this epithet calling women over forties springs from or in other word is The Down Hill Age Women. Just ago recently, forty-something women were named “Balzacian”, allusively to the great French writer Honoré de Balzac, who had in mature women his main characters.

As a matter of facts, those women in the fourth decade of life boast deeper changes in behavior and o­n outlook, mostly regarding sexuality and effective relationships, o­n which point more noticeably among those supposed spinster, detached from a serious engagement or marital life.

Among the married or o­n steady union, there use to be certain settle down, at times with sprees of carelessness for own body and their attitudes, so much so that many winds up by missing vanity and feminineness so crucial in a relationship and fundamental to the perpetuation of relation.

The self-proclaimed spinsters, well-off mostly, customarily engage themselves in keeping up with the looks and trends in order to appear young, priming for vanity and femaleness, abusing all that aesthetical arsenal at hand.

And all of that of whom satisfaction? Herself or someone else’s?

Currently, such fantastic women, by all means independent, appreciate almost vitally to be appreciated and devoured by the male gaze and by same-sex individuals.

More often than not are women free from all ties of bias and would not think twice to turn up at a party escorted by a boy old enough to be their son. Such detachment regarding polemic lines makes them real machines of life appraisal, without hypocrisies or restrictions.

Usually keeping good spirits, trying to get the most out of each split second, and living it up as if were the last day, with total disregard of what might happen tomorrow, although always with feet o­n the ground.

Relationships might be ephemeral or everlasting, regardless of age. The most important is that each and every o­ne keeps their privacy and individual liberty, with responsibility and respect that any average couple should have to o­ne another. It is cornerstones for them to have their own abode, so far living together, for most, resembles a disastrous experience.

A great too many of these The Down Hill Age Women pursued conjugal life experience, often disastrous and castrating. Hence, they tend to think through o­n the possibilities of living with a new partner under the same roof, from dread and fear of backtracking, o­n the same flaws and rough edges.

Such are our beloved forty-something, or even fifty and thereabouts, married several times by chance, who delight and fill our eyes with perfect curvy lines, well-shaped hips, full-blossomed, well-looked after feet and profile of mature beauty. A true masterpiece.

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