Female’s Sexual Life and Pompoar

Female’s Sexual Life and Pompoar

Obviously that you, the modern woman had already heard talking about pompoarism, or even the art, the technique of pompoar. Absolutely right!

The art of pompoar bears within its significance, the idea of control by the woman over her puboccigeos muscles, whose if well-trained, would obey to her every wish, providing amazing results, so will her boyfriend.

You, woman, will be in command, along with pompoar techniques, and knowing how to take the most, will be in unforgettable moments with your pair. The word pompoar could even match something-like pumping.

It was at the beginning of last century, that Nipponese Geishas and Thai prostitutes began to employ the technique in order to provide their clients further sex-linked pleasure. Thus, they would train their vaginas by making use of collar beads, so-performed exercise for vaginal muscles strengthening. Nevertheless were the Thais who brought the art of pompoar into the public exhibition, whereupon they would use their vaginas for smoking cigarettes or throwing away, some small objects.

In two motion pictures exhibited, o­ne in 1976, called "the Empire of senses", there is a scene in which she-Sylvia Kristel, sucks and expels out of her vagina a hard-boiled egg. o­n the second movie in 1994, called "Pricilla the queen of the desert", there was a scene, of a woman who throws a golf ball at the public during a sex cabaret.

Pompoar includes a set of sexual exercises that apart from being done at any time and anywhere, whether standing or sitting and so doing movements well-known by her anatomy, will provide pleasant sexual sensations as well, mostly during their execution.

Pompoar is not restricted o­nly to reaching means of sexual performance, but yes, indeed means of transforming muscular capacity of the vagina, protecting the pelvic region from damage that the muscular loosening may set off, as uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence, diminishing constant inflammatory states. Therefore, pompoar brings about more benefits to the woman' health than ever imagined. Let's check a small exercise routine of pompoar that can be done by undetermined time:

- Sitting o­n a chair, with back straight up, slightly bent forward and with hand o­n knees, inhale and contract the vaginal muscles, hold it in, counting up to thirty and releasing afterward, and exhale. Repeat by 4 sets of ten reps each.
- Standing up, with feet slightly apart, flex the buttocks and count to ten, if possible, and then relax.
-Standing up, o­nce more, flex and relax the vaginal muscles, as in pulsing, feel such pulsation, do so for about ten minutes every day, and in a week-time you would feel your vaginal muscularity more strengthened.

For a better definition of the muscles to be worked, you could also when peeing, hold after the first squirt, release and afterward hold it again, so then you will perceive which muscles would be worked out, so- urine retaining muscles. But bear in mind; avoid employing the act of urination in an attempt of substituting its techniques, since it induces cystitis.

Now that we are o­n top of pompoarism, use and abuse it, and get set for a horn-laden sex life, of self-esteem, libido, ecstasy to you, and to drive your partner bonkers with those hugs that you would score at the right time. Your partner will get delirious over it and will say things like "You are the lover of my dreams".

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