Fibromyalgia Diet, Can Diet Cure Fibromyalgia?

Can Diet Cure Fibromyalgia?

A common question is “Can diet cure fibromyalgia?”
Two things immediately come to mind.


Our diets have altered drastically over the past few decades. Gone are the days of having a good home-cooked meal of meat and two vegetables. Fast food has become the norm. Fast, processed foods with added salt and artificial chemicals to make it taste edible and to preserve it. They supposedly boost the vitamin content of it with artificial vitamins.

Even when grocery shopping it is all pizzas, burgers and hot dogs people are buying to make fast meals at home.


Air pollution. Our government heir health and stick to their fibromyalgia diet. They try and test different things and see how their body reacts.

It is why only some have success with diet as a cure for fibro. You must put your health first and be aware of the smallest changes in your body.

Our body does talk to us; we have to stop rushing around and listen to what it needs. Cravings very often are our body’s way of telling us what it requires in nutrients. Not chocolate cravings though! That is just sugar talking!

I remember eating a can of sardines once, and I hate sardines! I couldn’t believe I had eaten them afterward. And, no I wasn’t pregnant! LOL

We need to cut back on salt, sugar, all artificial chemicals, preservatives, sweeteners.

Here are some tips for your Fibromyalgia Diet:

• Stick with right whole foods and listen to your body.
• Keep a journal of every food and drink item you put in your mouth! Note how you feel shortly afterward and several hours later.
• Drink plenty of water – cartilage is mainly water – heck our whole body is primarily water.
• Avoid all processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, chemicals of every kind.
• Stop using chemicals to clean your home. Use green products they wash well and leave your home fresher.
• Avoid air fresheners, polishes, fabric refreshers (Febreze), scented candles anything with chemicals!
• Use essential oils, lemon, and natural products to clean and freshen the air.

Can diet cure fibromyalgia? Yes, you bet in many cases it can!

You just have to persevere and see what works best for you.

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