Fibromyalgia Natural Cures and Treatments

Fibromyalgia Natural Cures and Treatments

Fibromyalgia natural cures and treatments that you can use to heal yourself of the pain and loss of mobility that is caused by Fibromyalgia. If you choose to take an active part in your treatment, there are lots of things that will help you begin to Stop the pain Now!


Yes, I know that the idea of training sounds strange when you are hurting but it does help if you do it right!

Both aerobic and strength training will benefit you if you start slow and do the right exercises.
Walk at least 30 minutes a day, but you can break it up into shorter segments at first depending on your physical condition (walking longer is better 30 minutes is a minimum) Blood flows back to the heart through muscular action not by a pump (the heart) so the more you do the better your circulation will be and with increased blood flow you will start having fewer pains.

The best forms of exercise to do are Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi to stretch the muscles and get the blood flowing again gently. Start slow and do not overdo it at first add time with each session or increase the difficulty. You do not train to run a marathon by walking to the mailbox one day and then the next run five miles. Build up your walking gradually add a block each day, and you will be able to build up to long distances very quickly and start to feel good.
Diet is also important. Cut way back on your starches and sugars. Pretty much anything that is white will likely cause you problems. If you do something similar to the Atkins diet with mostly proteins and vegetables, then you will notice a significant improvement in a short time.

Using Heat (by way of an infrared sauna) gets the toxins out of your body and helps to improve circulation

Biofeedback helps you learn how to get rid of the killing stress that tenses your muscles and keeps you in pain and makes it difficult to sleep or get the rest you need.

Meditation is an excellent form of stress reduction. It can be used with or without biofeedback to lower your stress and stop the muscles from contracting and pinching off the flow of blood to the arms and legs.

Acupuncture can not only relax you but also improve circulation quickly, but it requires someone who is skilled in working with you and is not a real home treatment.

Massage is essential to relax the muscles and increase circulation. The first few massages especially need to be professionally done by someone who KNOWS fibromyalgia to learn how. Then you can do self-massage or have someone help you at home as close to daily as possible.

Fibromyalgia has both physical and mental components, and both interact with each other. Most people who suffer from it are tense, stressed, and have a hectic lifestyle.

Ice treatments ( for sore muscles) Take a paper cup fill it with water and a popsicle stick and let it freeze and rub it over the sore area for a few minutes. You can alternate hot and cold. The small water bottles frozen can work as well.

Massage, heat, and exercise will help to start feeling better and are necessary for getting you back to a full life.

Acupuncture is an oriental method to treat many illnesses. It can be used with reflexology to stimulate blood flow and to relax the muscles. It is a physical method to relax and restore the body. But it requires skilled therapists to do and is not feasible on your own.

Biofeedback works by teaching you to slow the brain frequency down and teaching you how to go into different brain states. If you can go into a stress-free relaxed state, it can reduce the pain and increase blood flow making you feel better. If you imagine your veins and arteries as being like a water hose if you squeeze the tube or kink it the flow reduces or shuts off. When you have tension, are stressed, or in pain, the muscles squeeze tight, and the blood flow lessons which gives you pain in that area. When you relax, the muscles can become less tense (message will soften the muscles relaxing you). Bio-feedback just uses a machine to help you learn how to relax.

Meditation affects similar to the biofeedback technique but does not have a tool to help you learn how. It does have the added benefit of being able to get in touch more with your inner self as well as the lowering of blood pressure by not restricting the flow of blood in the body by tension.

Massage cupping is a deep tissue massage technique derived from an oriental method of getting the blood flowing and toxins out of the body. The process uses moving suction cups to pull blood to the surface, and it brings with it lots of old toxins in the body. On most people, you get a nice red circle which moves with the cup. Those who have toxins like old anesthetic from an operation that is still in the fatty tissues and cigarette smoke will turn a dark grey or black under the cups. However many Fibromyalgia clients have spots on their body where the blood does not come up to the surface (think hickey). These spots remain white even with suction applied for 5-10 minutes in one area.

Hypnosis is relaxing. You can be taught how to get rid of all your stress easily and quickly with it and dramatically improve circulation at the same time using Hypnosis. In only a session or two hypnosis will reduce your stress levels, and you can learn self-hypnosis to help you with your stress and pain levels in only a session or two. Find a hypnotist that knows how to teach pain control and stress management. Anyone trained by Gerald Kein in Florida or Mark Cunningham in Ohio would be fantastic at it.

Hypnosis has a tremendous effect on relaxing the mind and body. It also allows you to be able to learn how to control all the pain and discomfort from Fibromyalgia easily and quickly without all the drugs. Last week my wife who is a massage therapist, after recovering from Fibromyalgia using the Natural Cures and Remedies that we recommended, was doing a massage cupping session with a Fibromyalgia client.

I was conducting a hypnosis session while she was doing the massage cupping. She was in the IT band on the client (outside of the upper leg), and it was WHITE no color at all. I was teaching the customer pain control, and when I shifted over to give suggestions to improve circulation, the area under the cups immediately turned a deep red. There was an almost instant change going from white to red. Your mind has an incredible amount of control over your body and controls blood pressure, heart rate, and even the flow of blood through the veins and arteries.

For example, if you think of being outside on a cold day your body as it begins to chill reduces the flow of blood to the extremities first. It shuts down the flow of blood to the hands, arms, and legs first trying to keep the body temperature up. It has this ability naturally and uses it to regulate the body temperature. On hot days the flow is increased to try and get rid of some of the heat in the body.

With hypnosis, you can easily learn to turn off the pain of Fibromyalgia and relax, but even my wife was surprised at how rapidly the circulation changed as soon as suggestions were given that the blood would flow quickly and smoothly through the body and it would heal fast. She said that within seconds the previously white skin was now red under the cups.

Hypnosis can also help to eliminate a lot of the stress that could have possibly triggered the Fibromyalgia. So Hypnosis has several purposes in treating Fibromyalgia and is a reasonably cheap medical service. Ask a hypnotist if they have had success with it and got references. Ask if they do a progressive relaxation induction or if they use a rapid or instant induction style. Progressive relaxation went out in the 40’s and took way too long you should be ready to go and to feel good in 4 minutes or less with any skilled hypnotist.

Good luck with finding the treatments that are right for you. There is no room for these articles to explain all there is to know and so further research is necessary. Good luck and honestly it is beatable. It just requires involvement from you and not just limiting yourself to taking a pill from a doctor.

When you are ready to stop having the pain and depression of Fibromyalgia and decide that Fibromyalgia Natural Cures and Treatments are what you are looking for to get you back up and able to have fun again without hurting then take action and do it it is guaranteed eight weeks risk-free that it will work for YOU.

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