Fibromyalgia Self-Care -Living with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia Self-Care

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition, meaning long-lasting. It is critical to learning good coping strategies to live a fulfilling life.

Ways to Ease Daily Living with Fibromyalgia

My fibromyalgia self-care tips are little ways to help you make your life easier to manage. It is hard enough to live daily with just the pain of fibromyalgia, without the array of other symptoms like fatigue and fibro fog that we have to contend with. We need to make ourselves the top priority.

Being diagnosed with fibromyalgia means you have to be responsible for your health, no-one else can do that. Only you will know when you have done enough and needed to rest. It is time to put yourself first for a while and to practice good fibromyalgia self-care.

Changing small things can make an immense difference to your quality of life. Having a fibromyalgia diagnosis usually means having to change your lifestyle completely.

Gone are the days when you can zip off on an impromptu trip. Things have to be carefully thought out and organized. Energy needs to be conserved, and medications gathered.

We seem to be always weighing up the pros and cons of doing even the simplest of tasks to see if it will be worth the pain and fatigue that will inevitably follow. It does get very tiresome!

Firstly realize that it will take time to come to terms with your diagnosis. You will feel angry and upset. Life has dealt you a blow, and it will take time to adjust. It just isn’t yourself that will be affected by your fibromyalgia diagnosis but that of your family and friends too.

A right place to start with your fibromyalgia self-care is to talk to your family and friends. Educate them on fibro and explain your symptoms to them. It will be hard for anyone to understand what you are going through entirely; only a fibro sufferer has genuinely walked in your shoes! Once your family is made aware of what your body has to deal with, you can get support from them. We need help! Never turn down the offer of a helping hand.

Asking for and receiving support is not a sign of weakness. We must conserve our strength for the real battles so accept help graciously.

Here are a few more easy fibromyalgia self-care tips for around the home.

Organize your Home

Get family or friends to move furniture, so you have a clear path to all areas of your home without having to twist and turn your body. We tend to maneuver around objects without realizing it.

Opening Bottles

Ask for help in opening bottles and jars. Nothing is more painful than straining to open a stubborn jar, it usually never begins for us anyway, and we end up in more pain for nothing!

If no help is available then try putting on some rubber gloves, this will give you more grip. My trick with jars is to hit the lid with a knife handle several times around the top. It breaks the new seal.

If it still won’t open easily I turn the jar upside down on the counter and place the kitchen knife blade (not a sharp one!) inside the lid between the jar and the cover. I then pull back on the knife to remove the top from the jar, and you can hear the seal pop.


Ever noticed that no-one notices housework unless it is not done? That is so frustrating!

Do a little housework when you feel up to it. Never try to clean the whole house because you are having a good day! It will just knock you backward for a week or so with a flare. Also, do a little then rest, do some more when you feel up to it. It is better to live with a bit of a mess than be bedridden in even more pain.

A good rule of thumb is the 15-minute rule. Work for 15 minutes in one area every day. Once that area is completed, you can move on to a different area but keep the first area clean daily. It could take a month or so to accomplish things, but it is a good start.

Forget the hard work! Try to get someone to come in to help with scrubbing floors and cleaning your stove.

Organize Cupboards and Closets

Keep things you regularly use on lower shelves to prevent stretching and bending. Move the clothes you regularly use to higher drawers and the stuff in your closet to the front.

These are just a few simple organizational tricks that can make a big difference when dealing with your fibromyalgia self-care.

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