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Student Health Insurance

When does one need Student Health Insurance?

One needs Student Health Insurance if one is a:

  • A student who is no longer covered by parents,
  • A student who is in the transition from college to the workplace
  • An international student who needs visa compliant coverage,
  • Grad student or a student who is married, and
  • A student who needs temporary coverage.
  • Domestic students traveling abroad

Why do Students, who are young and healthy, need Health Insurance?

Purchasing health insurance is about more than just protecting your health – it’s about protecting your finances. Medical bills even from a non-life threatening illness or injury can quickly push a student and his family into financial ruin. According to the National Coalition on Health Care, someone in the U.S. files bankruptcy after a serious health issue every 30 seconds.

Last, having insurance may keep your costs down because most healthcare reimbursements are negotiated between insurance carriers and the service providers.

Do universities or colleges offer student health insurance plans?

Several Health Companies like UnitedHealthcare and Assurant offer Student Health Insurance plans through Universities or Colleges. Student health insurance plans offer coverage that is available to a student around the year, 24*7, on or off campus.

Student Health Insurance plans offered through Universities or Colleges have easy enrollment procedures. There are no medical exams and acceptance is guaranteed for all eligible students. Student health insurance gives you all the advantages of a large group plan – without the large group cost.

Are there government assistance programs for students not able to afford Student Health Insurance plans offered by universities and colleges?

There are federal and state programs which provide assistance to uninsured students, however, most of these programs have strict income requirements which one must meet before being eligible for help. Such programs often do not provide for all health care services.

Use an online exchange to look for a cheap student health insurance plan

Do you want to explore more before choosing the appropriate student health insurance plan? Wondering where to look for a health insurance plan? An online health insurance comparison shopping engine will automatically generate a side-by-side comparison of your best options. Just like when buying a car, a side-by-side comparison of price and features can be an invaluable step in evaluating health care plans and choosing affordable health insurance.

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