First Stages of Pregnancy Symptoms

First Stages of Pregnancy Symptoms

The first stages of pregnancy symptoms can be weird. Pregnancy is a time when you realize your self-worth and have an elevated sense of self-esteem. The entire journey from the very first week of your pregnancy right up to the fortieth week can be so miraculous. Each stage of pregnancy will show you a different set of symptoms. The most exciting phase is the first stage of pregnancy. It is when everything is new, and you don't know what is right. It is all so confusing, but you know the direction in which you are heading, and this brings merely you a sense of overwhelming joy.

First Stages Of Pregnancy Symptoms

The first stages of pregnancy symptoms need you to take intensive care of yourself. Here are some of the common symptoms of pregnancy in the early stages:

Nausea: Do you realize that you are feeling nauseous? And, this nauseous feeling is not like the one that you get before your period. This feeling is like being nauseous all through the day or at least every day. This nauseous feeling need not compulsorily be accompanied by vomiting. This feeling of the nauseous aura can be blamed upon your surging hormones. Pregnancy will lead to an instant change and rise in your hormones. In fact, you will realize that these hormones are responsible for most of your pregnancy symptoms. This symptom will not be there in every pregnant woman. Even if you may not be lucky enough to have escaped this symptom, there are a few things that you could do to reduce your levels of discomfort. The best thing to do is to drink lots of water. It will help you keep your body well hydrated all through the day.

Mood Swings: This symptom can be burdensome for others to take. Your hormones are responsible for these mood swings to occur. These excessive hormones can muddle through the levels of neurotransmitters in your brain. Don't panic now! It is ok. There is a range of feelings that you are already experiencing, especially, the duty of becoming a parent, which also adds on to your mood swings. As beautiful as pregnancy may be, it can stress you out. All those thoughts about the future can induce joys as well as a whole bundle of worries. The best thing you can do to cope up with your ever so fluctuating moods is to relax and keep yourself pampered to the fullest. Ask your partner to be very supportive and loving. It will make things a lot easier for both of you.

Changes in Your Breasts: Increasing size of your humbles can seem to be something for most women to be happy about. This is one gift of pregnancy for a lot of women. The only downfall is that this increasing size will be accompanied by pain and a whole lot of tenderness. Your body is getting ready for the baby, in future; you will have to breastfeed your baby. This increase in your breast size is suitable for the making the baby feed more efficiently on you. And what may be the reason for these increasing breasts? You guessed it right, hormones (yet again!). Wearing a supportive bra can help you a lot as your breasts plump up. During this time, expect your nipples to become darker and more substantial too.

Frequent Urination: While you may only be in the first stage of your pregnancy, you may already be visiting the toilet a lot of times. This is worst when it occurs in the night, as it will not let you have a good night's sleep. Frequent urination can start in the very early stages and will continue until the end of your pregnancy's term. These are just some of the first stages of pregnancy symptoms. You may have a different set of symptoms or none of these symptoms at all (lucky you!). Just take care of yourself and prepare yourself to give birth to a healthy baby. Good Luck!

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