Five Weeks Pregnant – You Should Know

Five Weeks Pregnant

You are now five weeks pregnant, what does this particular week have in store for you and your baby? In this article, we will go through the changes you are feeling. We will also talk about the changes happening in your womb.

How Your Life Will Change:

At this time nobody will notice that you are pregnant and big things are going on in your body. The only changes people may see are lifestyle changes you may or may not have made. If you drink alcohol, it is the best time to stop from here on out. Alcohol, as well as smoking, should be avoided throughout the pregnancy if you are going to give your child the best hope at having perfect health.

Now is the time to start eating a healthy diet if you have not started already. Get rid of the fast food and junk food and start eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy proteins and carbs. Although you don’t have to overeat more food, you will have to eat about 100-300 extra calories per day so that you and your baby will be well fed.

At this time you may have already started to notice some of the symptoms of pregnancy. For example, you may start to have sore breasts, experience fatigue, frequent urination and you may even experience some nausea.

Five weeks pregnant is also a perfect time to start yourself into a daily exercise routine. It will help you cope helpful with the growing weight, and it will also help you to manage your day to day fruitful life better. I always suggest swimming as a good choice, but you may not be able to get to a pool. For some good pregnant exercise, ideas have a look at this article here.

It is important that your partner starts to get involved in the pregnancy process early on. Make sure they know what you will go through and how they can help in the process.

How Your Baby Is Growing:

At this time your embryo is growing very fast inside your uterus. The baby now looks like a tadpole and is about the size of a sesame seed. He/she now has three layers: Mesoderm, Endoderm, and Ectoderm.

In the ecoterm significant development is happening. The neural tube is just starting to develop. The neural tube is what will develop the baby’s spinal cord, nerves, brain, and backbone. It is not only the neural tube which will form in the ecoterm, but it is also responsible for hair, nails, skin, teeth, sweat glands and mammary.

The Endoderm will develop the lungs, urinary system, pancreas, thyroid, liver, and intestines.

The Mesoderm which is the middle layer will be responsible for the heart and circulatory system. At five weeks pregnant the heart will start to beat and pump blood. This intermediate layer will also form muscles, bones, cartilage and subcutaneous tissue.

In the 5th week of pregnancy, the placenta and umbilical cord have already started to deliver nutrients and oxygen to your baby.

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