Foods that Lowering Cholesterol Naturally without Medication

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Read to find out some truths about lowering cholesterol naturally.

1) What can be the causes of high cholesterol?
- Stress
- Bad
- Lack of Exercise
- Weight
Smoking and Consumption of alcohol.

2) Is it possible to lower cholesterol naturally?
- Yes, it is possible to reduce cholesterol naturally without the help of any medication.

3) Why is lowering cholesterol naturally always better than the prevention medications that are
prescribed to reduce the cholesterol?
- These prescribed medicines can lead to many side effects like tiredness, loss of memory, weakness in muscles, liver inflammation and abnormalities. So to avoid such damage, it is always wise to adopt natural methods to lower cholesterol.

4)What are some of the simple ways in which cholesterol can be lowered naturally?
- Avoid eating fatty food and trans fat. Instead, eat high fiber foods.
- Exercise regularly and try to maintain reasonable and healthy body weight.
- Cut off caffeine and alcohol and have lots of water.
- Limit yourself while having sweets and refined food.

5) How long does it take for these natural methods to work?
- Depends upon how strictly one follows these methods regularly.

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