General Information on Men’s Hair Loss

Men’s Hair Loss

Although most men will not admit to it, hair loss can be a very painful process. Hair loss occurs in such high numbers in men, so much that if you are a man you will most likely incur some type of men's hair loss at one point or another in your life. 95% of all hair loss in men is caused by MPB or male pattern baldness. The fancy scientific name for MPB is “androgenetic alopecia”. It has been proven that by the time American men turn 50 almost 85% of them will have a lot less hair on their heads than they did in their 20’s. But if you are thinking that hair loss is directly correlated with old age, think again. Yes, it’s true that 85% of men are affected by significantly less hair by their 50’s, but two-thirds of the male population by the time they are 21 will have gone through some type of hair loss as well.

Most men don’t like to think of themselves as having confidence issues, but hair loss in a man will pose a threat to his self-assurance. Men take pride in their hair; they see it as part of their masculinity. It gives them self-confidence and pride in their appearance, it makes them walk a little taller, so to speak. So when they begin losing their hair, it is understandable how hard it can be. It is not uncommon for men who are going through hair loss to suffer from stress, most become self-conscience and paranoid about their appearance. Some may even revert to drastic changes in their lives. For instance, Men’s Hair Loss may affect personal relationships and careers for a male.

It is exactly because hair loss can be hard for men to cope with that the American Hair Loss Association addresses the deeper effects of Men’s Hair Loss. This organization provides resources for men who have experienced or are experiencing hair loss. It gives those who are in search of honest answers to their questions a place to find them without worrying about being judged. It is critical for men to feel that they are in a supportive environment so they can be forthcoming with their concerns without hesitation.

The American Hair Loss Association is a serious place which exists for those in search of answers and it should not be overlooked. Do pass on this resource for other gimmicks that are available on the market, and there are many gimmicks! Men's Hair loss is such an overwhelming problem in the male community and there are a plethora of products on the market that claim to work wonders. Unfortunately, most do not. Only two such products are FDA approved. FDA approved hair loss products have been tried in clinical procedures and proven effective in hair loss prevention. In addition to these products, a more extreme measure of hair loss prevention includes surgical procedures that restore hair loss, but only a few surgeons throughout the country will perform this procedure and it can be quite expensive.

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