Genital Herpes: Tips for Curing Herpes

Genital Herpes

Genital herpes: The things you should know
How will genital Herpes affect your life?

Genital herpes has been estimated to affect nearly 20% of the world’s population. It is transmitted through sexual intercourse, but can also be passed along by the simple skin on skin contact.

Symptoms of herpes

Genital herpes manifests as red rashes sometimes with white tops. Advanced cases cause tremendous pain, and the rashes can spread over large portions of the body. Genital herpes causes muscle pain in the legs and surrounding areas as well as bladder infections and increases your chances of contracting other sexually transmitted diseases and HIV.

People affected by the herpes virus often deal with shame, guilt, and depression. It also creates an intense fear of having to tell someone you just met that they will be at risk of contracting herpes if they have intimate contact. During outbreaks, sufferers are often forced to abstain from any close connection because of the intense pain and embarrassing rashes.

Outbreaks can happen at any time for any reason and can last for days, sometimes weeks. Any stress or adversity in your life can precipitate a genital herpes outbreak without warning. It’s always at an inconvenient time which leads to even more hopelessness.

Diagnosing genital herpes

If this is your first time with the herpes virus, it can be very frightening. The first herpes outbreak often starts with a fever and then the rash appears. In most cases, the area that the rash first appears will be where it always seems.

It is essential to seek out a doctor right away and discuss your options. However, it is incredibly crucial that you have the doctor take a swab of the affected area and run lab tests. It is entirely possible for a doctor to be wrong when diagnosing you with genital herpes by merely looking at it. Other skin conditions seem similar to herpes, so the lab test is crucial to verify what you have!

So you’ve got genital herpes

A doctor will tell you all the options you have available to you. Most of these involve expensive one-a-day pills with pretty adverse side effects that you will have to take for the rest of your life and hope that the herpes outbreaks lessen over a period of years.

Your doctor might also tell you that this “curse” is permanent, untreatable, and contagious. What a doctor is highly unlikely to say to you is that by creating a healthier lifestyle and by using simple, over the counter supplements, essential oils, and herbal treatments, you will be able to eradicate any future outbreaks and lessen the chance of transmitting genital herpes to your partner.

Sounds too good to be true and the complete opposite of everything you’ve ever heard about the herpes simplex virus, but this test, the guaranteed system for curing herpes is a godsend to sufferers and the people they love alike.

And all of this fantastic information is available for less than the cost of only one week’s supply of the leading herpes treatment medication.

Don’t take my word for it! See for yourself that you can cure herpes and know that if you follow this advice, you will never have to endure another painful and embarrassing genital herpes outbreak ever again.

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