Handling Unplanned Pregnancy

The most dramatically significant moment in the life of a female is when she realizes that she is pregnant. The feeling that a child is taking from inside her, a life being developed inside her, is something that no other person can ever imagine in the wildest of his dreams. The beauty of the situation is however in doubt. What a woman experiences when she first realizes and feels the presence of another life inside her is something only she can understand. Some females become so overwhelmed with joy and feelings of motherhood that there is no scope of any other sort of emotion. Others, however, and especially those who hadn’t planned on getting pregnant or are too young and possibly unmarried, generally go panicky and distraught at the first indication of a pregnancy.

In case of such an unplanned pregnancy, a woman is basically left with very few options. She may frame up her mind and firmly decide to have the baby, or she may have the baby and put the baby up for adoption or she may undergo an abortion and end the issue once and for all.

In case a woman decides to have the baby, after all, then it is highly important for the woman to understand that to take care of the baby, to nourish the baby and to raise the baby into a good human is a very difficult and engaging task. It is not something to be decided upon lightly and casually. And hence it is of paramount importance that the feelings of motherhood and love for her unborn child be there in a woman before she undertakes the task. It is a very difficult world for a single parent out there, not only in terms of raising the child alone but also because the child may face a lot of social subjugation in later life and may feel the need of a father. So the woman should be strong-willed and thoroughly determined else she would be putting a whole life at stake.

Another option that a woman has in case of an unplanned pregnancy is that she can give birth to the baby and put the baby up for adoption. In such a case a woman must be fully prepared and strong-willed because it is difficult for any mother to be separated from her child especially when she looks at her baby for the first time in the most emotionally vulnerable time of her life. Such a decision is only undertaken by a person when she does not have the means or the strength to raise the baby. And hence she must be firm and resolved. Also, she must make prior arrangements and hire adoption agencies for the adoption procedure even before the baby is born and possibly even find a suitable family for the child.

In case she decides to abort the child, then socially this may be the most morally criticized course of action. However, it is important to understand that practically, there is absolutely no point giving birth or form to a life when one does not have the slightest intention to raise the baby. This decision should not be looked at from an emotional or moral perspective. This is a human life we are discussing here, not some inanimate object. The pain inflicted on a neglected unattended child will be much much worse compared to an unborn fetus which in all probability may not even have taken form.

And finally, it should be understood that the decision is entirely the woman’s decision. Any sort of coercion or external influence should not be inflicted on the woman because it is she who as to raise the baby and nobody else.

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