Having Sexual Activity During Pregnancy

Sexual Activity During Pregnancy

Marianna and Peter are a young couple. Now Marianna herself is pregnant and gets haunted by issues concerning sexual activity during pregnancy. She gets horny, more than ever but lies afraid of hurting the baby or causing pregnancy any problem. He, in turn, is desperately for having sex with his wife but just like she is afraid of hurting the baby. What’s more, at the same time that he gets turned on by her, perceives her as such a fragile mother, untouchable and sensitive.

The situation that this couple goes through is quite usual, mostly when both are in for their first stint as relatives. She, as pressed for sex, thanks to the hormonal imbalance gearing her into it, is afraid that sex could prove detrimental to her baby or get in the way of pregnancy itself. He starts to perceive her as a mother, as the one who would bear him a child, thus feels out of place by desiring her sexually.

The couple must not grow weary over sexual activity during pregnancy as it could take place as usual, unless a doctor says otherwise.

Pregnancy means, also, a moment in which sex is rendered fruitful, since both are more at ease in regard to undesired pregnancy, to say the least. What needs to be done is a period of adaptation for the bulging belly, in other words, the distress caused by her extra bulk. Sexual positions may be changed, as she could climb on top of him while he avoids becoming too hasty. Minute alterations per se likely to render sexual rapport perfectly feasible.

Pregnant women become more prone to the man’s touch due to their hormonal imbalance. In that, the vagina gets moisten more easily, urges strike more often and experiencing sexual climax is, by all means, better than ever before. A great many women feel on cloud ninth by then, their self-esteem so popped up that they perceived themselves sexier than ever and craving for sex.

And so did Marianna, just got to learn that sex is harmless for her baby, as well embedded within her uterus. Apart from the amniotic fluid, there’s the inner linen that blocks alien bodies from finding its way in, up until the burse rupture at childbirth.

Men react in so many ways to pregnancy. Wherein, Peter begins to perceive Marianna as a mother other than a woman.

It is so, because of the upbringing received in most societies, which blames on maternity the neglect of female sexuality. This notion unfortunately still around, the one that sets the mother aside from the lover. Going by this notion could throw the couple in disarray somehow, as the man blames himself from desiring the mother of his baby and the woman feels rejected from rearing a child, on top of knocking on her self-esteem in that being someone driven by lust.

Pregnancy envelopes such a remarkable moment, despite all the insecurity triggered. Means cornerstone that the couple smoothes the rough edges in terms of sex there and then. In principle, there’s no such a thing as backlash from its undertaken, all that takes is time to catch up with their differences and mutual reassurance. To approach the doctor holding anything back means essential, once he could help ceasing worries and turn pregnancy into a happy spree, extremely joyful for both.

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