Health Insurance Maternity Coverage

Health Insurance Maternity Coverage

Health Insurance Maternity Coverage - With the American health care system in an uproar, all of us are wondering what will happen to our existing health insurance.

When you found out that you where pregnant it was a joyous day for you and your spouse. Then, unfortunately, one or the other of you lost your job and unfortunately the health insurance package that went along with it. Now as you are out looking for a new policy you find that they will not cover the pregnancy because it was a pre-existing condition. What do you do now?

The first thing to do is find out whether you can continue your existing policy under the COBRA plan. You can contact the U.S. Department of Labor for more information. Your monthly premium will be higher than you were paying while you were working, yet you will retain your coverage. If your spouse has decided to move from one job to another that has a group health insurance maternity coverage you will more than likely have to go through a waiting period until the plan will cover the existing pregnancy.

If you are not pregnant, you can plan to have health insurance maternity coverage before you take that step. If you need to find health insurance it is best to go online and find health insurance broker. The advantages of these brokers are that they can get quotes from all the major health insurance providers and all that you will have to do is fill out one single application. You can then put the policies side by side, compare the cost and coverages, then make an informed decision on who will offer you the best coverage while staying within your current budget.

When you are getting your online quotes make sure that you have them add on maternity in the coverage. If you don't have that in the policy at the start and you do become pregnant you will not be covered. You must plan ahead for health insurance maternity coverage and most plans have a time that you will have to wait before your pregnancy is covered. Research and make sure you understand every part of your policy so that down the road there are no surprises. Pregnancy is expensive in its own right, but if you have complications the cost could affect you the rest of your life.

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