Hemorrhoids: More common than you’d think


Did you know that over half of all the people on the planet will suffer from at least one episode of hemorrhoids at least once in their life? Many people have wrong views about hemorrhoids, but that is merely because they are uneducated about it. If the topic is brought up, you will find that most people will cringe and act disgusted, they may have even had an episode before, and they are too embarrassed to admit it.

A hemorrhoid isn’t something you can “catch” or spread around to people. It is merely a swollen or inflamed blood vessel in or around the anus. They can become irritated and bleed as well if they are allowed to get too bad. Many people get hemorrhoids; these include women who are pregnant, women after they’ve had a baby, men, and women who sit at the computer or sit on the couch for many hours a day and others who have constipation and strain to pass their bowel movements.

There are many over-the-counter options for people suffering from hemorrhoids; though these can be very embarrassing to purchase. Your doctor can prescribe you more powerful ointments and creams as well. There are also surgical procedures that can be done to remove the hemorrhoids and many home treatments you can try with herbal remedies. There is no known “cure” for hemorrhoids, but taking frequent breaks from sitting and keeping your bowel movements soft by increasing your water intake or taking a laxative or eating more bran can help to prevent them.

Whenever you have the bleeding hemorrhoid, it is essential to keep the area dry and clean. Taking hot baths and icing the area off and on can help to shrink and relieve the pain of a hemorrhoid flare-up. You can also purchase products online if you are embarrassed to buy them in the store or pharmacy!

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