Hemorrhoids Symptoms Cure and Treatment

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

Hemeroids means you have symptoms of pain and hemorrhage in the ass area. It may be painful or not. Having Hemorrhoids symptoms means that you have internal or external digestive disease. In comparison to internal hemorrhoid, the external one does not bleed at all (except if you have inflammation because of irritating it with toilet paper).

Treating this sign will require a differential diagnosis of colon cancer, rectocele, and anal cancer. Anyway, medication, simple cure, vitamins or home natural remedies will not generally heal the problem and stop the enemy. Homeopathy and other cure with herb may simply help in the treatment.

If you have anal symptoms, it is not caused by external hemorrhoid but from an anal fissure. Having this disease means a swollen or strangulated vein, which will bleed if it is scrapped by hard stools or stretched during bowel movements.

Often blood strains appear on the toilet paper after wiping, or it looks like red or reddish streaks in the stools. The only decision if rectal symptoms appear is to contact the doctor as soon as possible. It may be an indication of the more serious condition. Only your doctor can provide you more information about signs, symptoms, and cures.

When blood pools in a distended vein and forms a clot, or thrombus, in the outer region of the anus, it is called thrombosed hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoid often causes unbearable pain as well as swelling and itching, but they are not connected with bleeding.

It is known by many researchers that low-fiber diets can cause small-caliber stools, which result in the need to strain upon defecation. Engorgement or enlargement of hemorrhoids is a reason for the increase in pressure, which may lead to the venous return.

Problems with Hemorrhoids Symptoms could also be caused by conditions like pregnancy and unusually high tension of the sphincter. The mechanism of action of hemorrhoid is decreased venous return. Enlarged hemorrhoids could be caused also by spending an extended period of time on the toilet while reading for example.

It is thought to cause some venous return problems in the perianal area, causing an effect much like a tourniquet. In addition, other causes of this disease can be aging, which causes a weakening of anal support structures and can facilitate prolapse.

This weakening of support structures can begin at age thirty, which means that the term "aging" is relative.

Major culprits in the development of hemorrhoids are long ago considered to be constipation and consequential straining. It is not valid in all cases.

Resting tone has been discovered in patients with Hemorrhoids Symptoms, which leads to an abnormally high anal canal muscle. Interesting fact about hemorrhoids is that this resting tone lowers after a hemorrhoidectomy. This change in resting tone is the mechanism of action of Lord dilation.

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