Home Methods For Determining the Sex Of the Baby

Although scientific methods like ultrasound & CVS diagnostic methods are used by people to determine the sex of the baby many people also like some home methods for determining the sex of the baby. The scientific methods are considered to be more accurate and the home ways of determining sex are considered to be a myth. Some of the home techniques for determining the sex are discussed below.

Home Methods For Finding SexHome Blood Tests

These blood tests are used for determining the gender of the fetus. The manufacturers of this home blood test for determining the sex of baby claim this method too as efficient as ultrasounds. Many of these manufacturers offer reimbursement on this test if the gender of the child turns outs to be different. However, these tests cannot be trusted as there is no scientific evidence to prove these tests right. Therefore these tests are considered unreliable.

Sex Determination by the Help of the Wedding Ring

This is a method used by couples to determine the sex of the infant by the use of their wedding ring. Although it’s a very unscientific way of determining the sex of the baby still it’s a fun way of doing the same. The wedding ring is dangled in front of the stomach of the pregnant women. In the case of a girl, the ring swirls in a circular motion and in the case of a boy it swings to the side of the mother’s stomach.

The Diet Method

According to this method, the woman who consumes more calcium & magnesium in her diet (dairy products, spinach etc) is likely to have a girl. The presence of mineral salts like calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium effects how the egg is going to fertilize. If the mother eats more of sodium and potassium in her food (meat, soybean, pasta) then the mother is likely to have a boy. However excess of salt in food is not recommended.

Natural Ways

In the human body, there are 2 types of sperms- the male sperms are a combination of the XY chromosome and the female ones are XX chromosome. The male sperms believed to be weak and the female ones stronger. To increase the chance of conceiving a girl one needs to have sexual intercourse 2 to 3 days prior to the ovulation as the female sperms are more in power. To conceive a boy sexual intercourse should be performed as near to the ovulation as possible.

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