Hot Oil Benefits: Why Hot Oil Treatment For Hair?

Hot Oil Treatment For Hair

A hot oil treatment is one of the most effective natural treatments for hair related problems. Everyday pollution causes severe damage to the hair in terms of a build-up of dirt, which is difficult to remove. Environmental changes and harsh weather conditions also tend to cause dry hair and hair loss problems. Everyday activities like brushing and shampooing may also result in damage to the hair that can be restored with the help of hot oil treatment. Harmful chemicals in hair care products and improper hair care techniques can also lead to damage and hair loss. Hair tends to become brittle and rough on account of hair styling techniques like straightening and curling. Hot oil treatment for hair is very effective against damage caused to the hair on account of these factors.

Hot oil treatments for hair can be of various kinds. The most common method is to massage hot oil into the scalp before rinsing with a shampoo that is mild. Using a harsh shampoo after hot oil treatment will negate the effect of the oil and strip hair of its moisture again. The oils that are commonly used include olive oil, soybean oil or even mayonnaise. These oils can be used individually or as a mixture for the purpose of hot oil treatment. You can warm them in the microwave or by immersing a container of oil in a basin filled with hot water. Massage the oil into your scalp and leave it on for at least thirty minutes before washing it off. You should take care while using hot oil treatments to prevent being burned. Always test the temperature of the oil before applying it to your scalp and hair. If the oil is too hot for your wrist, then you should allow it to cool down before applying it to your hair.

Hot oil treatment for hair is also greatly beneficial for treating scalp disorders like dandruff. You should, however, carry out a hot oil treatment periodically to ensure it’s effectiveness. Essential oils tend to be most effective for a hot oil treatment as they penetrate the hair with ease and repair damage. Other oils that are popular for hot oil treatments are jojoba oil and jasmine oil. These oils condition the hair while they repair damage caused by pollutants and environmental factors. Moreover, hot oil treatments are very effective in curing dryness caused by the use of hair color and other styling products. They restore moisture and nourish the hair, thereby making it healthy and giving it a natural shine.

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