How Can Yoga Help Diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition which is caused due to increased glucose levels in the blood.

Along with a healthy diet, yoga exercises can keep the glucose levels and diabetic symptoms under control. The various yoga exercises and breathing techniques help in releasing strain and stress. The benefits of yoga include increased concentration and focus in an individual.

This firms our willpower so that we are able to stay on a nutritious diet and weight maintaining program.

Yoga exercises reduce dependency on oral medication and avert that type of diabetes which is caused due to hereditary factors. They are very useful in releasing insulin from the pancreas gland and thus managing glucose levels.

Pranayam yoga expels toxins from the body and activates pancreas glands. People suffering from heart problems and high blood pressure should practice this under a yoga teacher. Yoga Mudra exerts pressure on the pancreas and Paschimottasan and Pada Hasta Asan stimulate the pancreas and activate it.

Ushtrasan creates flexibility in the abdomen, Trikonasan helps in reducing fat from the sides of the abdomen and Pawan Mukta Asan releases gas from the body. Other yoga exercises such as Ardha Matsyendra, Uttan Padasan, Ashtanga yoga and Dhanur Asan activate the pancreas and helps in reducing weight. Bhujang Asan is very good for the spine while the Corpse pose is performed at the end of all the exercises.

This pose is useful for any kind of complaint as it removes stress and anxiety from our minds.

Yoga poses tone our body, make us more active and agile and align our body so that we are more in control of our movements. Yoga is very helpful in regulating high blood pressure and checks the cholesterol levels. It makes blood vessels flexible, improves blood circulation and sustains glucose levels in the blood.

For increased muscle strength, rigorous exercises can be performed especially in the advanced stages of diabetes. The poses gently pull, press and stretch different body parts which improve the digestive system and affects other glands positively. With the help of yoga postures, we are able to draw strength from our inner sources and discover peace and quiet within ourselves. Yoga fitness enhances our lifestyle and creates a life full of health, fitness, and liveliness.

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