How Do You Get Pregnant

How Do You Get Pregnant?

How do you get pregnant? Well for some couples it is pretty straightforward, they have sex and whether they want it or not, they get pregnant. However, for a lot of couples in the United States or anywhere for that matter, getting pregnant may not be so easy. In this article, I will go through what you need to know to give you the maximum chances of conceiving, whether it has to do with predicting ovulation, proper dieting or things you should not do.

Predicting Ovulation

Before we explain more about How do you get pregnant? I actually have written an entire article on predicting ovulation here if you would like to read about it in more detail.  If you want to have the highest chance of conceiving a baby you should be having sex in the days leading up to ovulation and during ovulation. Therefore predicting ovulation is important, especially if you are a busy person who does not have time to have sex on a regular basis.

Ovulation occurs when an egg is released from your ovaries and travels into one of the fallopian tubes. Pregnancy occurs when a single sperm enters into the egg during this period. Although an egg may only last 24 hours or even less, sperm can last days and so if you have sex on the days leading up to ovulation you increase your chance of becoming pregnant.

Ovulation symptoms are very subtle and therefore pretty hard to predict manually. If you want to make ovulation predictions then I suggest buying an ovulation predictor kit. If you use one of these kits on a daily basis you will be able to predict when your ovulation will occur. Once you have a good idea of when you ovulate in relation to your cycle, you can make pretty accurate estimates.

How do you increase your fertility to get pregnant faster?

Have sex as much as possible- When you are trying to get pregnant there is no such thing as not having sex enough. Have as much sex as possible, because if you do, you are more likely to have sex during your period of highest fertility. If you do have a lot of sex then you may not even need to predict ovulation, but it won’t hurt. If you don’t have enough time then try to predict when you will ovulate.

Have sex leading up to ovulation- Try to have intercourse daily leading up to ovulation, say 4 to 5 days beforehand. As I have said above, the sperm will last up to 4 days and your chances of becoming pregnant will increase.

Healthy mind and body- For the best chances of becoming pregnant, you should take extra care of your health. Try to do some light exercise a few times a week, for example, brisk walking. It is also best to avoid substances like caffeine and alcohol. Also, try your best to avoid anything which may lead to stress or a negative frame of mind. These are not just habits which are great for conceiving, but they are also good habits to have when you are pregnant.

Talk to a doctor- After you decide that you want to have a baby, then it is a good idea to see a doctor and get their advice on how to get pregnant.

Taking vitamins increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy- By taking vitamins such as folic acid you will increase the chances that your pregnancy will be a healthy one.

How do you get pregnant- things you should avoid

Alcohol and cigarettes- Even if you are not healthy these are not good habits to have, but when you are pregnant they are big No No’s! Talk to your doctor about quitting even before you try to start getting pregnant if you really want to conceive you are going to have to make some sacrifices.

Talk to your doctor about medication- Before you start trying to get pregnant and especially after you get pregnant you should talk to your doctor about what medicines you should or should not take. You will be surprised to find that some medication, even the non-prescription kind, can be bad for conceiving.

Don’t exercise too hard- Although you should do some light exercise when trying to conceive, do not overdo it!

Avoid lubrication- KY Jelly and other lubricants and actually decrease fertility. Talk to your doctor about good ideas for this.

After you read this article about How do you get pregnant? I hope you get it, at least have simple and easy knowledge about pregnancy.

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