How Do You Get Warts?

How Do You Get Warts?

Many people get warts at some point, although only when they occur do people stop to ask “how do you get warts?” Every type of wart, no matter where they occur on the body, is caused by the human papillomavirus. As with most afflictions of this type, the virus is highly contagious and it is not always possible to avoid contraction. While the body’s immune system is often sufficient to nullify the threat, the sheer number of variations of the virus means that it will most likely lead to warts somewhere on the body.

Contracting the Virus

The human papillomavirus is highly contagious and can be transferred in a number of ways, including direct skin contact and touching areas that a carrier has recently touched themselves. Even while not active in a person, the virus remains potent when living on other surfaces, with communal areas such as offices, schools and health centers particularly susceptible to spreading the virus simply through numerous people touching the same thing.

Some individuals are inherently immune to warts, due to their own body being particularly proficient in preventing the virus staying in the body for long enough for warts to develop. However, these people form a minority, so it is important to remain wary, particularly when the person knows that someone they come into regular contact with has warts.

Avoiding Warts

Various precautions can be made to avoid getting warts. Obviously, with someone particularly close such as a family member, it is likely that others will be aware that they have warts, either through them seeking treatment or advising as such to allow others to avoid contact. When this is the case, avoidance is a case of not sharing anything that may come in to contact with the afflicted area such as clothing. Any form of direct touch should also be avoided and all shared surfaces, such as those in a kitchen or bathroom should be cleaned thoroughly after use. While doing all of these things at the same time can be inconvenient, it is definitely worthwhile on a short-term basis until the person with warts can seek treatment and cure the virus.

In public areas, it can be less simple. Some consider warts to be an embarrassing problem and are unlikely to share it with others. If the warts are visible, then it goes without saying that they should not be touched directly with the hands or any other part of the body. In areas such as swimming pools, people should always attempt to provide their own equipment, including footwear and bathing products. While many pools provide such equipment for the convenience of their customers, there is an obvious possibility that someone with warts may have used the equipment previously, and there is no guarantee that it has since been cleaned effectively.

In answering the question “how do you get warts?” the simple response is that any direct or indirect contact with a carrier can cause warts. However, suitable precautions can be taken at all times to minimize the chance of infection and much of it is down to common sense. As long as people remain aware at all times and actively avoid the most likely cause, the risk of infection decreases massively.

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