How Important of Food and Nutrition During Pregnancy

Food and Nutrition During Pregnancy - Thinking carefully about food and nutrition quality is something to take seriously BEFORE becoming pregnant wherever possible. The baby's development depends on the mother's food intake from the very early stages right through to breastfeeding after the birth. If you are lucky enough to be able to plan a pregnancy, then take steps to improve food intake quality from the moment you decide to try for a baby.

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Eating for two?

The old story about "eating for two" when pregnant is somewhat outdated nowadays... It is probably better to think of it as "eating twice as good." The calorific intake requirements vary according to many factors, including the mother's weight, height, age, as well as activity levels. In general, the increase in calories required for a pregnant woman is around 25% in the second trimester and more again in the third trimester and during breastfeeding. It means that the concentration should be on the quality of food intake, with an increase in nutritional content, trace elements, and vitamins, being preferred over simple calorific value or quantity.

food nutrition during pregnancy

NOTE: If a woman is having any problems with keeping weight up or down during pregnancy, then she should create a nutritional plan in conjunction with her qualified medical practitioner.

Food and Nutrition During Pregnancy IN THIS CHAPTER:

1. Folic Acid - A detailed look at this B vitamin that is vital for a healthy pregnancy along with a complete listing of food sources rich in this substance.

2a. Minerals and Trace Elements (Calcium & Magnesium) - A roundup of minerals and trace elements that play a significant role in a pregnancy.

2b. Minerals and Trace Elements (Iron, Manganese & Zinc) - A roundup of minerals and trace elements that play a significant role in a pregnancy.

3. Vitamins - A guide to how various vitamins are used during pregnancy with a guide to which foods are good sources of these vitamins.

4. Nutrients - An overview of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, explaining the role of each and which foods they can be found in.

5. Foods to avoid - What should be avoided when pregnant. An explanation of dangerous things to take into the body and share with baby during pregnancy.

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