How much time does it take to get Pregnant

The common question that is often asked by young couples is that How much time does it take to get Pregnant. Truly speaking there is no fixed time. It generally varies from person to person. The most important factor is the age of the concerned persons. Age plays a very vital role. Next important factors are fertility, health, and lifestyle that a person lives. All of these factors influence pregnancy.

Most of the women are able to conceive immediately or within a period of two months of mating. There are some who take almost nine months to get pregnant. This is possible only when the age of the concerned person is on the favorable side. Some might even take a year to conceive. All these are considered normal.

Women who are almost 35 years of age and are trying to get pregnant should consult the specialist if they are unable to conceive within a few initial months of trying. Age is one of the important factors where pregnancWomenncerned.

Women should be fit enough to conceive a child. If the partners are healthy then there are more chances of getting pregnant. Less stress means more chances of getting pregnant. The couple should try to maintain a good health. Couples who are below 35 years of age have more chances of getting pregnant than who is nearing 40. Chances of getting pregnant increases, if the intercourse is carried on during the ovulation period. Couples trying to conceive should keep the intercourse timing in mind. Use of alcohol reduces the chance of getting pregnant. Alcohol reduces the quality of sperm that is necessary for getting pregnant. One should try to reduce smoking and drinking if trying for pregnancy.

There are various steps through which the fertility can be boosted. Apart from consulting a doctor, some vitamin tablets can be taken the moment one decides to conceive. Intake of vitamins helps the body to get prepared for pregnancy and provides the baby with necessary nutrients. It also boosts the folic acid level of the body.

Regular exercises help in reducing the stress and weight. Overweight women have a problem in conceiving a child. But the most important thing that should be kept in mind is the timing of intercourse. If intercourse is carried on during those days when ovulation time is nearer, then the chances of pregnancy increase. The ovulation time can be easily judged if we keep track of our basal temperature. The temperature should be checked every morning before leaving the bed. Some medical kits are available in the stores which helps us to keep a track of our ovulation time. It also helps in pinpointing the day.

If certain precautions and steps are followed then the chances of getting pregnant easily increases. More than 80% of the couple get pregnant within the first year. One should be totally relaxed and tension free during the trying period. Unnecessary stress should be avoided. If one tries to enjoy the intercourse then the chances of conceiving increases.

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