How to adjust the drinking regimen during pregnancy

Drinking regimen during pregnancy

Often talking about what the pregnant woman should or should not eat. Drinking is a bit forgotten.What should be your drinking regimen during pregnancy? It's not that complicated. Drink just a little more than you're used to. Nor do you need to restrict yourself. There are only a few exceptions.

What is the drinking regime during pregnancy?

Getting plenty of water in your body will help you remove harmful substances while supporting the liver and kidneys to function correctly. Experts recommend drinking about 2 liters of fluid in pregnancy.During breastfeeding even a little more, because enough fluids significantly affect the production of breast milk. Of course, it depends on your health, physical activity and the season. If you have a risky pregnancy and spend most of your time, you probably drink less than when you go every day for long strolls. Likewise, your fluid intake will be much higher in the summer than in the winter.

It is clear that if you are not used to drinking too much, it will be a problem for you to get enough fluids at once. In this case, choose a meal rich in water (soup, fruit or vegetables). Do not try to drink all of the fluid at once. Drink more in small doses and all day. Never drink with the feeling of thirst.When you are already thirsty, you are becoming dehydrated.

Sufficient drinking regimen during pregnancy is essential not only for you, like your mother, but also for a baby. The right amount of fluids helps better the flow of the placenta and increases the amount of amniotic fluid. Remember that it is not advisable to drink too cold drinks and pay attention to whether it is a drink with bubbles because it can cause vomiting.

What can you drink during pregnancy?

  • High-Quality tap water, infant or spring,
  • smaller amounts of mineral water (can cause kidney damage and increase blood pressure),
  • unsweetened fruit juice,
  • juice (better diluted with water due to stomach acidosis),
  • juice from cranberries
  • fruit teas, rooibos, green tea and even black but in small quantities because it contains caffeine,
  • herbal teas (from the 34th week you can drink raspberry, which contains vitamins and iron, reduces postpartum bleeding and stimulates the contractions of the uterus), contours, balm, and St. John's wort,
  • melta, caro, etc.

What better not to drink during pregnancy?

  • Alcohol (you prefer to omit it altogether, but if you want to give something at times, drink one where it is smaller eg, wine or beer),
  • coffee (caffeine can cause restlessness and irritation, drink coffee only once a day)
  • wheat drinks, sweet lemonades and energy drinks,
  • beverages with quinine (tonic),
  • some herbs (some herbs are not very suitable, and it is good to consult their doctor).

Observe the regular drinking regime of the entire pregnancy

Do not underestimate regular drinking regimen during pregnancy. Get enough to drink and continue after your baby is born. Proper and sufficient drinking is essential not only in this period but throughout your life. You will have better skin, and your body will thank you.

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