How to Choose a Baby Stroller Properly

How to Choose a Stroller Properly

How to Choose a Baby Stroller Properly - The purchase of a baby pram is a significant event and a great pleasure for parents. At the same time, this process involves an extensive collection, discovery, testing, and viewing. Every future mum wants the best baby stroller for her baby and there are so many types and designs available for her. What to look for and how to find the right one?

Newborns and infants are carried in a deep pram that has the shape of a crib. Baby is horizontal because this position is very important for the development of the spine. When the baby gets up a bit and can sit usually, you can move it to a sports carriage or a golf stroller.

You can either choose individual models separately, or buy the so-called triple combinations that include the above-mentioned types, and the alleged baby seat egg for small babies. They have the chassis itself, where you can fit a seat, a skateboard or sports body as needed.

What to look for when choosing a baby stroller?

As the supply rises, the differences in quality also increase. A good stroller should have adjustable handrail height for better maneuvering, cushioning, front and rear. You will also appreciate fast-paced wheels, especially when loading in a car. Of course, the health of materials and their quality is important.

Pay considerable attention to the stroller's mark, because the correct designation means that the manufacturer knows the standards required. Each model must be labeled with EN 1888 (a European standard where the manufacturer guarantees that the stroller meets its requirements), the name of the manufacturer, distributor or seller and, in the case of a car seat, the ECE 44/03 mark, indicating the possibility of use in a car.

Factors influencing decision-making:

  • how often you will make a stroller, the size of your car or elevator,
  • you want 3 or 4 wheels,
  • you prefer inflatable wheels or suits you with plastic,
  • swivel handle or swivel seat
  • price - what do you have a price relation, whether you prefer to buy a cheap stroller or want a luxury stroller at a much higher rate,
  • weight
  • folding your stroller - if you often carry a stroller, you need to be easy to fold and fold,
  • some strollers also have other equipment such as a pram bag, boot, a raincoat, an insect screen, etc.,
  • easy maintenance - remember that the children's stroller is at one time dirty, it is essential to keep it easy to maintain.

Types of baby strollers

  1. Deep stroller - the first choice will always be a deep pram. Mostly his stall is slightly larger than that of a combined stroller. It is essential to look at the size because some steaks are more like a doll buggy. This type is more suitable for walking in the field. It is less complicated, and in a few months, you will have to buy another because it will be too small for your child.
  2. Combined stroller - its significant advantage is the possibility of using it virtually for the whole period when the baby is riding a stroller. Trendy brands are Quinny, Jane or Camarillo.When selecting a combination, choose the chassis and sports car parameters as it will serve you the longest time.
  3. Sports stroller - if you do not want a combination, you will be waiting for a choice of sports versions when the bowl is over. Take care of the quality of the design and functionality here because it will take you a long time. Consider what terrain you will be driving and how often you travel. Very popular are Mutsy or Britax.
  4. A golf stroller - golf clubs are used primarily for trips or to the city. They are tidy and do not take up too much space. If you only have an occasional ride, you just need a cheap and straightforward stroller. For smaller children not yet sitting, you need those that move and have feet.
  5. A sibling stroller - twin or sibling strollers can sit next to each other or behind each other. There are models where kids are placed above each other. Most of the strollers with side seating do not exceed 80 cm, so do not worry about going anywhere. Even with these strollers, there are combinations. Strollers that are seated behind are very poorly controlled and not very comfortable. Models with seating above are more comfortable and can be combined in different ways, for example, combinations of sporty and deep beds.

The selection is extensive. It depends primarily on your needs and tastes. It is certain that in every cramped baby pram your child will feel great.

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