How to Communicate with a Baby in Your Stomach

How to Communicate with a Baby in Your Stomach

The baby in your belly perceives the beat of your heart, your voice, and your emotions. There are many good reasons to talk to the baby before they are born. Do you know how to communicate with a baby in your stomach?

It's not that strange, every baby with her mother communicates. The mother responds very early to the mother's emotions. Whether they are both pleasant and more stressful. Every baby is a unique being and copes with these impulses differently.

When do you start to perceive your child more?

Around the 20th week of pregnancy, most mothers will feel the first movements of their babies. At the same time, the baby begins to perceive her stroke over the abdominal wall. The child already has a developed sense of smell, although it is not entirely sure whether something in the mother's body is to sniff. Immediately after birth, however, she has a significant role for the child, because she initially remembers her mother exclusively according to her scent.

How to Communicate with a Baby in Your Stomach

  • Talk to your unborn baby - a baby can recognize your voice and knows you're talking to him.Because they swim in amphibious water, you have to speak loud enough to hear you. Words are not so famous, the tone of voice is more important. Talk calmly, tenderly, lovingly. If you already know the gender and you know the name, use it.
  • Tell him fairytales and play music - it's scientifically proven that some music likes babies, especially if they do their mother well and soothe her. When she feels relaxed and relaxes, the baby is at rest. Also, after childbirth, the children that their mother left in the uterus remember and calm down.
  • Sweat your belly - the baby feels that you caress him over his belly. You do not even have to worry about harming him. If you do not touch the stomach too hard, push on it, etc., nothing will happen. Gently stroke your stomach and show your child how you like him.
  • Engage other family members - you can also involve other family members, daddy or siblings in this communication. They can even touch the belly and talk to them. The baby also responds to Dad's voice. When measured on a cardiothoracic device, it was shown that the method noticed a change in the curve when the father began to talk. The baby can recognize the voices in her belly.

Communicate with a baby in your stomach as you think. Treat him, tell him, play the songs. Do what you like and enjoy it. You show him that you care about him, you love him, and you can not wait to be with him.

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