How to Conceive a Baby Boy

A general understanding is that those couples who can pay millions of bucks to the gender selection clinics can only conceive baby boys. Obviously, most of the couples are unable to afford those million bucks even if to conceive a baby boy is their core heart wish. If you are among one of those, dying to conceive baby boy then proceed further.

Fortunately, there are many natural procedures that can be carried out at home to have a sports partner the fathers really wished for. Here we will be discussing some natural, inexpensive ways that increase the chance to conceive a baby boy.

Sperm Chromosomes Are Responsible To Conceive Baby Boy
Before starting on, it is important to understand the attribute of chromosomes of a baby girl (X) and baby boy (Y). The sperm for the girls (X) are strong, slower and have a long life. Whereas the boys’ sperms are fast and die off quickly. The death chances of (Y) sperm increases in the harsh vaginal surroundings. Somebody who wants to conceive a baby boy can get the advantage of these attributes.
Steps To Conceive Baby Boy

Following are the steps the couples can take to conceive a baby boy

1. Detect the Ovulation Timing

  • Cervical mucus
  • Basal body temperature

Schedule your conception which favors conceiving a baby boy. As said earlier the boy sperms die off quickly it is better to schedule the intercourse immediately after ovulation. If somebody conceives before this, the chances the couple can get a baby girl increases as the girl’s sperm can easily wait for the time of ovulation to come.

I understand that this takes a lot of days away from the fertility window. But to select the sex of your unborn baby this has to be done. To conceive at the right time you have to know the exact time of ovulation. There are many ways to do this. Some of them again here is a natural method like

But these two methods leave the room for misinterpretations.
Consider yourself lucky if these work for you. But still, I would suggest you buy an ovulation predictor kit. As they usually give a straightforward “yes” or “no” answer. There is a range of ovulation predicting kits available in the market. It is better to buy the saliva ovulation predictor kit, as it is cheap, accurate and convenient to use.

2. The Sexual Position

As said earlier the sperms for the boy are comparatively weaker it is better to adopt the sexual position which gives maximum penetration, to place the sperm closest to the egg and the cervix as much as possible.
Neutralize the Acidic Environment

3. The environment of the Vagina

Giving the sperm a highly acidic environment is the blunder which most of the couples trying to conceive a baby boy do. The sperm responsible to conceive a baby boy are short lived and need an alkaline or neutralize environment for their survival. To neutralize the vagina the first step is to check the acidity of the vagina. This can be done with the help of pH strips. Then after evaluating yourself, the acidic environment can be converted into the alkaline by carefully selecting the foods. Another way of neutralizing is douching with different solutions.

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