How to Cure Diabetes, Put it in Remission Permanently, Keep Blood Sugar Steady and Healthy

How to Cure Diabetes

How to Cure Diabetes is the outline of how diabetes is cured via diet. SAD diet is out. Paleo Diet is in. Raw Paleo Diet is best. Partially cooked paleo diet will do for starters.

What is Paleo Diet? This is the original human diet. The diet we humans evolved in before any agriculture began. Other terms are paleolithic diet, caveman diet, hunter-gatherer diet. There is archeological evidence that humans originally ate:

- Primarily animals, aquatic and land animals and insects raw
- Fruits in season raw
- Vegetables raw
- Fungi raw
- Root crops raw

All of the above they ate raw in the early Paleolithic times. When humans mastered fire and began to cook, then they could cook any of the above foods and eat a wider variety of them. For example, salad vegetables may be eaten raw, but many other vegetables, root crops, and fungi need cooking to make them edible.

Cooking is a survival trait of humans. Cooked food is survival food, secondary food. They’re not the best, but you will survive eating cooked food than starving to death. Therefore cooked food/survival food should be eaten sparingly, not meant to staple food at all. Raw food is and should be stapled food because these are original specifications.

Further down the road to making do with survival was the creation of agriculture to feed towns and cities. These newfangled agricultural products are grains and beans and all their infernal derivative products. These fed towns and cities at the cost of misery due to disease and degeneration of the human inhabitants. And this is where diabetics are. Eating inferior agricultural food that is off-specifications for human health.

You are not sick of diabetes type 2. You are sick because you have been taught to eat food that makes you sick. This will require an enormous paradigm shift on your part. Which you will have to understand. After that, the rest is easy. And you will no longer be diabetic.

Drop all the agricultural Frankenfoods like industrial grain fed/pellet fed animals, pesticide-laden vegetables, and sugar bomb bred fruits.

The not so big secret to being healthy is to go back to eating and living a wholesome human specifications diet and lifestyle. Lots of those yummy fatty animals and a few vegetables and hydrating fruits.

To know more about How to Cure Diabetes and how to approximate living the life of a true human being on original specifications needs un-learning the SAD diet and beginning with a blank slate. Join and see just how easy it is to live up to original specs.

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