How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

How to get pregnant with a boy

There is no easy way to reply the question “how to get pregnant with a boy,” in the end except you are going to be artificially inseminated, it is all down to luck. Although there are methods, books, and even products which have been made to help people conceive a boy, there is nothing scientifically proven which will guarantee the genre of your baby.

Should I be predicting?

I would say that most parents have a desire for one genre of the child over another and this could be for a variety of reasons:

You have had 1, 2 or more of the same genre and you want a boy or a girl this time around. It is only natural that people want to have a more balanced family.

It is the husband's dream to have a boy who he can share the things he loves with. This is the same for many mothers desire to get pregnant with a girl.

In poorer countries, the desire to have a boy in many families reflects the belief that when they get old, a boy can look after them better.

It is not wrong to want one gender over the other, but no matter what sex your child is, you should love them all the same.

How gender selection works

To understand why there is no one answer on how to get pregnant with a boy we must understand how gender selection works. A woman becomes pregnant when one sperm successfully fertilizes a woman’s egg. Every time a man ejaculates he will release hundreds of millions of sperm, but in the end, it will only be decided by one.

It is during this process that the sex of the child is decided. A woman’s eggs contain X chromosomes and sperm can contain either. If X meets X then a female baby will be conceived, if X meets Y, then a baby boy will be conceived.

How to get pregnant with a boy methods:

Shettle Method

This is a quite famous method invented by Dr. Shettles to conceive a child according to the gender which you desire, whether it be a boy or a girl. It takes into consideration sexual positions which are best for a boy or a girl, as well as the time relative to ovulation which you should, should have sex to conceive according to your choice. However, this is just a theory, and plenty of people have not been successful when using it. For more information on this method follow this link.

The Whelan Method

Another method created by another doctor called Whelan which seems to contradict much of what had been previously stated in the Shettle method.

Online ebooks

When you are searching for answers on how to get pregnant with a boy or a girl you may come across some ebooks which say they can guarantee success. Do not be fooled by these, because there is no guarantee with any method that you will conceive the gender of the child you want. In the end, the only significant thing is luck.

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