How to Get Pregnant with A Girl

How to get pregnant with a girl

Although the title of this page is how to get pregnant with a girl, I hate to say that there is no scientifically proven way which will ensure that you will conceive the gender of your choice, whether a boy or a girl.

Again, that is not entirely accurate, because with artificial insemination you can choose the gender you want. However, for most healthy couples, a fifty-fifty chance is the best they can wish for when choosing between a girl and a boy. However, many parents believe that there are certain things you can do to make the probability of one gender more likely than the other, I will touch upon these later on in this article.

What decides a baby’s gender?

Contrary to popular belief, a woman does not determine the sex of her child. Every woman has eggs that contain X chromosomes. If the sperm that fertilizes one of these eggs contains another X chromosome, the result will be a baby girl. However, if the sperm that fertilizes the egg contains a Y chromosome, the woman will give birth to a baby boy.

There is a myth that a woman can determine the sex of the child she wishes to conceive, unfortunately (or fortunately) this is not true. The thing which will ascertain the sex of your baby comes to down to a game of odds and evens. All women have eggs which contain X chromosomes, whereas men's sperm contains both X and Y chromosomes. If both of the chromosomes match-up, X, and X, then a baby will be conceived. That is how to get pregnant with a girl. However, if the result is X and Y, then a woman will get pregnant with a baby boy.

When you understand the mathematics involved in the process, you will realize how impossible it would be to predict. When a man ejaculates, he will release an enormous amount of semen, between 200 and 400 million of them. Out of all these, only one is required to fertilize a woman’s egg, considering that they could be either X or Y, there is no way to know until you are pregnant.

Do many people wish to predict their gender?

It may sound harsh, but couples do have gender preferences, and that is never going to change. In my opinion, it is not wrong to have a preference for a boy or girl, however, once luck has chosen your baby’s gender, you should be happy, no matter what it is.

How to get pregnant with a girl methods

Many couples who have successfully conceived the gender preference of their choice believe there are methods which helped them improve their odds. You must remember that these are only beliefs and they don’t have a basis in scientific fact.

The Shettles Method

Developed by Dr. Shettles, this recommends certain methods to help you get pregnant with a girl. It is based on that Y chromosomes sperm move faster than X. Honestly, I have never used this myself, and I cannot say whether it is worthwhile or not. For more information I suggest you look here: Shettles Method Summary

The Whelan Method

Written by another doctor this Whelan method goes against most of what the Shettle method preaches. It makes it very hard to decide which one actually could be true.

What do I think?

Honestly, I would recommend you not to buy any of the above books, even if you are desperate to have a girl. In the end, I believe having a baby girl is down to luck. Although many may feel they have the answer to how to get pregnant with a baby girl there is no conclusive evidence to say, they have.

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