How to Get Pregnant With Twins

How to Get Pregnant With Twins

Many people wonder how to get pregnant with twins, and it does seem like a fairytale way to start on your parentage. Most people attribute the birth of twins to an act of God, Fate or just plain old good luck. Indeed doctor’s say that the birth of twins is something that cannot be predicted. However, many women who have had multiples believe there are common factors which distanced them from others and thus gave them better odds of having twins. None of these are scientifically proven, but many do believe them.

Overweight women are more likely

Are you overweight? I know this is not a question I should be asking, but there has shown to be a correlation between obesity and woman who become pregnant with twins and triplets. A woman who is very tall also has a bigger chance than shorter women to have twins too.

Older women are more likely

Age? Have you ever noticed that many mothers with twins are quite old when they conceived, you may or may have not. However, studies have shown that older woman is more likely to have twins than the younger woman. The numbers speak for themselves, over 16% of the woman over the age of 45 who conceive, give birth to multiplies. Some food for thought!

Sometimes twinning is hereditary

Is there a family history? Many families have a history of twins, and if your family does, then you have a much higher chance of having them than another woman. Sometimes having twins is hereditary, so seek out your family tree, you may get lucky!

Diet can also increase the likelihood

Diet might help. There is a race in Africa in which the woman is the most likely to have twins in the world. Although no one can be assured of the exact reasons, many speculate that diet is the cause. Yams and dairy have been shown to increase the likelihood of twinning in the woman.

Try, try and try much more

You have had kids before. The logic behind this is the more times you have kids, the more likely that you will have twins. I guess this makes sense simply because “try, try and try much more.”

There are other things which people believe lead to a greater chance of twins including Fertility treatment, breastfeeding, prayer and pure luck, but there is nothing which is conclusive. There is no answer to the question how to get pregnant with twins, try some of the above, but don’t feel bad if you only have one child at one time, at the end that is enough for most of us.

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