How To Get Rid Of A Milk Blister

A milk blister is also known as bleb or a nipple blister which happens due to the overgrowth of the epidermal skin. It is the milk under the skin and appears like a white and yellow dot on a nipple. It can be quite painful and may stay for many days and sometimes for weeks. It occurs when the milk gets stuck within the milk duct. A milk blister may get inflamed and get painful. There are various causal factors for milk blister. So understanding the reason may help us in treating it. Sometimes it occurs due to inundate of milk. Pressure on the nipple by sucking and latching can lead to milk blisters. Friction due to sucking or tongue problems is also the cause of milk blister. It can also occur due to the presence of thrush. It can result in blockage of the milk ducts. Although the help of a doctor is advised in the treatment of the milk blisters some ways are suggested below on How To Get Rid Of A Milk Blister.

Treatment for Milk Blisters

  • The first thing you should do is take enough rest from breastfeeding. But you should stop it entirely. If the baby doesn’t take the blister in the mouth then the breastfeeding can be continued. It may provide you with relief from the pain.
  • Massaging is a good way of relieving the pain. You can massage your breasts every day and it will help you in clearing out the milk ducts and will provide you with relief.
  • Taking a warm shower may also help in relieving the pain. You should keep nursing your child as it is also a good way of curing the milk blisters.
  • Pumping can also cause milk blisters. You should use a hospital grade pump. Use of other pumps should be avoided.
  • If the pain is unbearable then painkillers can be taken but in very small quantity.
  • Lecithin supplements are helpful in relieving the pain. You can apply it on the affected area.
  • Vitamin-E lotions can be applied to the affected area. It is good for repairing the damaged skin cells. You should wash it off before breastfeeding.
  • Consultation of a lactation consultant can be taken if the problem worsens.
  • You can apply hot pack on your breast as it can also provide relief.
  • You may apply the saline solution on the blister with hot water and epsilon salt. It helps in clearing the milk ducts.

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