How to Get Rid of Unwanted Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of those beautiful things which change the life of a woman. But sometimes it becomes inopportune due to reasons certain reasons like financial problems or health problems. Many women try to avoid pregnancy due to these reasons. There are several ways to handle an unwanted pregnancy. This is divided into three categories- prevention, termination, or to follow it. You also have an option to give the child to some other family through adoption procedure. There are various ways to avoid pregnancy.

Ways to prevent pregnancy

A regular dose of synthetic estrogen or progesterone hormones work as birth control and restrict ovulation. This process makes the cervical mucus thicker and restricts the navigation of sperms. These hormones are available in the form of daily pills, injection, vaginal ring, and patch. These contraceptives can cause side effects like breast tenderness, irregular bleeding from the vagina, weight gain, change in mood and fatigue.

Another way to prevent pregnancy is to use the barrier way. This blocks the way of sperms in the uterus and the fallopian tubes. The most common example is the male condom which has a high success rate. Similar female contraceptives are also available.

One more method is also available which is a little T-shaped object called an intrauterine device or IUD. This device is inserted by a doctor into the uterus. Two type of IUD are available- copper sleeve which is wrapped with a copper wire and the other one releases the progesterone hormone.

Abstinence is one way which is absolutely effective for birth control. But if this does not work then it would be better to take help of any of the above-stated methods for birth control.

What to do if you are expecting

First thing after you notice your pregnancy is to make sure about it. You can check it through a pregnancy test at home but even it can give you inaccurate results. The best method to find out is to consult a doctor or go for a blood test.

If you are pregnant and want to choose abortion for any reason then there are various ways for that too. If it is an early pregnancy then you can choose medication for abortion. If you have above 9 months of pregnancy term then you have to go for surgical abortion.

Apart from this, you can give your child to some other family through adoption procedure.

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