How to Remove and Remove Warts

We present the best treatments to eliminate warts in different parts of the body, these terrible and annoying injuries to the skin, are very difficult to eradicate, but thanks to our help you will have different alternatives and options to live a healthy and uncomplicated life.

Laser treatment: It consists of cauterizing and eliminating warts with a fractional CO2 laser in some parts of the body. The laser beam acts directly on the wart coagulating blood vessels, preventing possible bleeding, which can be removed easily.

Liming the wart: In the case of warts on the toes, or under the nails, limaras are recommended, after rest of the foot in warm water, to soften the affected surface.

Freezing treatments: Since the wart has its own blood irrigation system, freezing this system will instantly kill the wart. The procedure includes a localized freezing agent, which is usually liquid nitrogen. Using these treatments in the comfort of home is possible, but before you should seek medical advice on the wart in question, since it could be a symptom of cancer, which would be extremely dangerous treatment.

The instructions for the correct use of this treatment are simple

Liquid nitrogen should be applied through soaked cotton and only in the center of the wart. It will be observed that it will turn white. It should be pressed lightly to ensure that the wart's core, its blood system, is frozen and is destroyed.

Even so, you must follow the instructions for each treatment and not try to use liquid nitrogen without supervision. It is possible to do so, and it is also possible, and more than likely, that serious skin lesions are suffered or vision is lost. Liquid nitrogen should be handled with care and using multiple protections, consisting of a waterproof overall, safety glasses and waterproof gloves, at a minimum.

Never use tweezers or other non-specific instruments to remove warts, as it can generate an infection or bleeding difficult to control, since the warts have their own blood irrigation system.

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