How to Sleep Correctly in Pregnancy

How to sleep correctly during pregnancy

In pregnancy, sound sleep is essential. His need increases with increasing moons and every pregnant woman should have at least 8 hours of sleep a day. But in recent months, it's not that easy either, because the big belly often hinders women, they seem to have different dreams, the baby just decides to rush at night, etc. Insomnia usually occurs during pregnancy. How to sleep correctly during pregnancy?

Call for perfect sleep

In the first two quarters, the usual difficulty in sleeping is not. In the first trimester, the need for it is often more significant, because the woman's body adapts to change, it has hormones and has to cope with its "other state." The best period begins in the second trimester (i.e., if the pregnancy is without complications). A woman has a lot of energy; she is excited, her pregnancy does not limit her and sleep well.

Probably the most difficult period is in the last quarter. Poorly looking for a comfortable sleep position, cramps appear babbling movements. If you have a weak sleep, your doctor may prescribe poor sleeping pills. They also help herbal teas, such as the cucumber, the Medusa, and the peppermint. The relief also brings essential oils or massage, which must be done by someone who can massage and pregnant.


How to Eliminate Sleep Problems in Pregnancy

  • Movements - at the end of pregnancy, the baby is already giant, and his actions can be very intense. There is no cure for it. But do not worry that your baby has decided to sleep at night and not even in the womb at all may not mean that it will continue after birth.
  • Convulsions - If you get cramped in your legs, massage your aching muscle and toss your toe and heel alternately. It is also appropriate to use B vitamin and magnesium (not to be used in the last few weeks before giving birth).
  • The nursing pillow - the nursing pillow loved many moms before birth. You will be shocked how comfortable you will sleep. She can support your stomach correctly, and you will be asleep during the pregnancy as the baby. Besides the nursing pillow, there is a unique pillow for pregnant women. It is larger and better suited to an adult pregnant woman. You will not make a mistake by making it.
  • Sleep hygiene - To get good sleep, remove all the disruptive elements (tablets, TV, mobiles, etc.) from the bedroom. Keep the bedroom dark, outdated and more relaxed. The quality of sleep improves with movement so that you can enjoy plenty of walking and movement. Try not to sleep too long. If rest still does not come, try to begin with some kind and reassuring book that gently lures you to sleep (no horror and tragedy).

How to sleep correctly during pregnancy?

Many mothers are afraid that they will get sick in their sleep and hurt their baby. They often ask themselves how to lie in pregnancy. It is, however, unnecessary. Nature has done well, so you automatically rewind in deep sleep so that it suits you, and at the same time, you can not hurt the baby. In the last months of pregnancy, it is almost impossible and even unpleasant to sleep on the stomach. In lying on your back, you may feel sick and suffocated by how the uterus pushes the urinary bladder and large abdominal vessels. The ideal one is to sleep on the side and even the most comfortable. You can put your knee on a pillow for more comfort. The power of your position does not leave you before birth, but that little joke of happiness is worth it.

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