Hygiene Tips for Breastfeeding

Hygiene Tips for Breastfeeding

Cleanliness in breastfeeding is very important to note. Infants in the breastfeeding age have immune systems which are still vulnerable to some diseases. Although breastfeeding is good for baby’s immunity, preventive things need to be done by mothers to prevent babies from unwanted diseases. The following are some tips that can be done for hygienic nursing.

Bottles can be used for storing breast milk. Either breast milk stored in sealed vials and frozen in the refrigerator. Use plastic cups with tight caps for storing milk. Do not use ordinary plastic milk in order to remain hygienic. Before storing the milk, do not forget to wash the milk bottles. Frozen milk can only be used in less than twenty-four hours.

To freeze milk, store the dairy in temperatures less than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Frozen milk can be used within one month. Make sure the milk is sealed with neat and labeled expiration date. You are not allowed to add milk into milk that has been frozen. Re-freeze milk that has been melted is also not permitted. Do not warm the milk in the microwave because it can damage the content of the milk. Freeze 2 to 4 liters of milk each container.

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