Immunotherapy Helps the Body Kill Warts

Immunotherapy Helps the Body Kill Warts

If you look at the whole body of medical treatment available in the U.S. today, you can break individual treatments down into three basic categories: prevention, symptom relief, and repair. When the subject is warts, all three areas need to be addressed in one way or another. Immunotherapy does just that. Let’s begin by talking about Immunotherapy Helps the Body Kill Warts.

Since warts are caused by one of the dozens of strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV), it stands to reason that if doctors can find a way to encourage a patient’s immune system to fight the virus, warts could be eliminated. That’s the logic behind all kinds of inoculations. With immunotherapy and warts, an antigen is injected into the patient that causes the body to recognize HPV as a foreign invader and attack it. Patients who have warts have an immune system that is not doing its job effectively. If you can change that, you can solve the problem.

The repair portion of medical treatment becomes apparent when we talk about the immune system attacking the virus. With HPV eradicated from the patient’s skin, the body can then replace the damaged tissue with new tissue. It also addresses the ease of symptoms as the wart fades away over the course of several days. But the interesting part is in the area of prevention.

One particular vaccine, originally developed to fight cervical cancer, shows promise in the prevention of genital warts. The vaccine only works against four strains of HPV, but genital warts seem to fall within its scope. More testing is still being done before any official claims are made.

Success Rates

In separate studies comparing immunotherapy and cryotherapy, immunotherapy revealed some interesting results. The procedure is normally done by injecting the antigen, known as Candida, directly at the site of a wart to cause the body to directly attack there. Almost half the subjects experienced a complete clearing of warts while another 13% reported 75-90% clearing. Some patients even reported the clearing of warts in other locations of the body. With a single treatment, immunotherapy seems to do even better than a single treatment of cryotherapy.


Immunotherapy is not without its downside, however. Side effects are part of any drug or inoculation, and Candida is no exception. The most common side effect was a flu-like illness that lasted less than a day. Some test participants reported minor pain and itching at the injection site.

Cost is another obstacle to immunotherapy, especially since it hasn’t yet been widely adopted as a standard wart treatment. Insurance companies may be hesitant to cover it until such time as it is, so you might be left holding the bag on a hefty bill.

Immunotherapy does hold some promise. But for now, the safest, easiest, and most effective way to get rid of warts is Dermatend. Dermatend is all-natural and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. It works with your body, just like immunotherapy, without any unnatural interference.

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