Important Nutrition During Pregnancy

As a rule, most modern women during pregnancy, try to keep track of your food intake. Of course, it's good, that expectant mothers are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows that you need to start eating right before the girl is planning to become pregnant.

To create a favorable environment for conception and subsequent development of the baby, you need to prepare in advance. Antenatal preparation, experts recommends making a specific eating plan before and after conception. It is desirable in the preparation of such a plan, consult with your doctor, because later on, depending on the course of pregnancy, you may need to make in this scheme some adjustments, and the physician, being aware of your diet will help to make them as efficient as possible.

It is important to understand that in this period of life, women are gaining weight rapidly. This is entirely reasonable. It is not necessary to be afraid of, and even more to fight it. Diet aimed at weight loss are contraindicated for pregnant women. Next in this period the figure, you risk leaving the baby without him the necessary vitamins and minerals. As a result, the baby might be born weak, with low immunity and underdeveloped organs. Scientists also proved by the fact that one of the main reasons why miscarriages occur during childbirth or death, it is malnutrition.

The opposite situation is when a pregnant woman is unable to cope with the desire to eat the "extra piece". Remember, overeating is also undesirable, and on a par with malnutrition, may have adverse consequences for both mother and child.

It is, therefore, important, even before conception to develop and adhere to the correct power supply circuit. Eat only fresh and natural products entirely discard products containing preservatives and other "chemistry." Vitamins, herbs, and medicines, as well as daily physical activity, be sure to discuss with your doctor.

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